The Kcraft YouTube Channel

The Kcraft: Assal Marathi Channel

I accidentally stumbled upon this channel. I was watching Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre for, maybe a 100th time, when YouTube started … More

Featured YouTube Channel: Ruchi In China

The way I looked at China completely changed after I started watching Ruchi’s YouTube channel, Ruchi in China.  Ruchi is … More

Featured YouTube Channel: Street Food Zaika

Street Food Zaika is the only YouTube channel that I love to binge-watch. Maybe because I love cooking but even … More

Featured YouTube Channel: Sab Badhiya Hai

If you are planning to move to the US or are simply curious about life in the US, then Sab … More

Featured: Ved Dubey

If you love watching vlogs with your family then you must subscribe to Ved Dubey’s YouTube channel. For me, it’s … More

Featured: Cool Pahadi

To everyone living in metro cities (including me), we long for rural life. And for the ones tired of the … More

Featured: Khaane Mein Kya Hai by Kunal Vijayakar

For anyone who loved his Times Now show, The Foodie, he is back! Ever since I switched to Digital from … More

Featured: Kunal Malhotra – The Photography Blogger

I remember when I started to take interest in Photography, there were only two magazines that we, photography enthusiasts, wanted … More

Rang Pandhari: Understanding Theatre – Behind the Curtains

Rang Pandhari is a Marathi chat show where theatre maestros are interviewed with the purpose to make the audience and … More

Featured: Labour Law Advisor: Understanding New Wage Code, your CTC, and more

I did not know anything about the new wage codes till I stumbled upon this channel. Thanks to Labour Law … More

Featured: Acoustic Pahadi

Pre-pandemic, our lives were already in the process of becoming digital. But during pandemic, even our education shifted from offline … More

Featured: Traveling Desi

I will describe Traveling Desi in his own words, that is, with the help of the About section on his … More

Featured: English with Lucy

English with Lucy is a channel where you get to learn British English. With the majority of people speaking a … More

Featured: The Himalayan Husky

Before the lockdown happened, I had seen The Himalayan Husky’s videos on and off. I never actually paid much attention … More

Featured: Durjoy & Avantika

This is the first YouTube channel I am excited to feature on The Digital Popcorn. I have been following Durjoy … More

Featured: Mohita Namjoshi

If someone’s inspiration has been Mark Weins, the content has to be of excellent quality and watch-worthy.   My today’s featured … More

Featured: Goshta Kokanatli

The only drawback of the digital world is that it lacks human touch. Since everything gets done from the comfort … More

Featured: Skinny Recipes by Nisa Homey

If you are like me who wants to lose weight but without having to give up on food, then Skinny … More

Featured: CookingShooking

I do not really follow recipe channels. If I need any recipe, I simply Google it or look for it … More

Featured: Simple Living Wise Thinking

When you start watching Simple Living Wise Thinking, you won’t find anything extraordinary in the videos. And this is exactly … More