Featured: Ved Dubey

If you love watching vlogs with your family then you must subscribe to Ved Dubey’s YouTube channel. For me, it’s a complete family entertainer – relatable and entertaining. 

If you are from the days when not web series, but Crime Patrol used to be binge-watched, then you already know Ved Dubey. This crime patrol actor started his vlogging journey from the show’s BTS videos. He then also interviewed and featured other popular Crime Patrol actors on his channel. These are the videos we watched back then but yes, not regularly. But times have changed and his content quality as well. 

Ved Dubey wasn’t a blogger whose content you would instantly love but the way his content is changing, and not just changing, but improving, is truly praise-worthy. And I am not talking about the video quality here. That was never an issue anyway. 

When I say his videos are getting better, I mean that he now knows how to keep his viewers engaged. May it be his daily blogs with family or travel videos. Though I love his vlogs with family, I am also starting to love his travel videos. More than leisure, they are informative and educational in nature. They are the kind that Discovery or Travel and Living channels used to have. To describe these videos correctly, I would call them Infotaining. Even though they are informative, they do not fail to entertain you. 

Ved keeps covering unknown, unseen places near Mira Road. Those places were discoveries for me as well. For where I live, I should have known these places but when they come as a surprise and an attraction to locals like me, just imagine what it would be like for people alien to these areas. One such interesting blog was Aise Hogi Satyug Ki Shuruaat. I honestly didn’t know something so calming is so close to my home. I genuinely feel that going forward he should focus on travel but ‘not without his family,’ as they are his channel’s USP. 

Apart from that, at times, you also get to know what it takes to be an actor as he preps up for the upcoming shoots and dubbing. From people looking for entertainment to travel lovers and crime patrol addicts to the ones who want to pursue acting as a career, Ved Dubey’s YouTube channel is for everyone. 

Number of Subscribers: 68.8K and counting

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