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I remember when I started to take interest in Photography, there were only two magazines that we, photography enthusiasts, wanted to lay our hands on. They were none other than, Better Photography and Smart Photography. Back then, these magazines were difficult to find. It used to be available only at a select few newspaper/book stands. Though the magazines are still available, the world now prefers digital information. 

This one photographer’s YouTube channel took me back to those magazine days as his channel looks like one. Kunal Malhotra, on his channel, Kunal Malhotra – The Photography Blogger has covered it all – from video production tips to home photography ideas, just like photography mags. 

If you are a photography enthusiast who is looking to invest in a good camera or are simply looking for tips and tricks to improve your photography skills, then you must check out this channel. 

What impressed me the most is that Kunal has an entire playlist of photography basics on the channel where he has explained depth of field, image stabilisation, aperture and shutter speed, exposure, camera metering modes, and more such concepts that every beginner struggles to understand. When I got my first DSLR, I would just stare at it for hours because though I loved photography, I couldn’t understand how to use that device right. I then spent hours exploring it but I couldn’t understand which modes to use at which hour of the day or how to set up the light and certain other technical things. I wish there were such great photography channels to help me back then. I am glad that today we have experts who are sharing such valuable knowledge with us absolutely free of cost. 

Talking about the content, as a photographer, here are some of the videos that you may like to watch:

  1. Colour Management in Photography
  2. Editing Tutorials
  3. Photography Composition
  4. 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm Lens Comparison for Portrait Photography
  5. Most Insightful Street Photography Tips by Vineet Vohra
  6. Watch This Before You Upgrade your Camera

I hope you like this recommendation. Do watch the channel and let me know what you think about it. And if there are any such wonderful YouTube channels that you want to recommend, please shoot an email at thedigipop@gmail.com or drop a message on Instagram

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