Featured: Skinny Recipes by Nisa Homey

If you are like me who wants to lose weight but without having to give up on food, then Skinny Recipes is for you. I truly believe that in order to live a healthy life, we need to simply eat right without giving up on food. Inappropriate quantity, less and more, harm our bodies more than benefit us.

If you are looking to switch to healthy eating, subscribe to Skinny Recipes. Run by Mrs Nisa Homey, on this channel you get weight loss recipes that you can make out of ingredients easily available in your kitchen. Apart from that, you also get realistic diet plans which you can follow without draining out yourself. What I like the most about Nisa Homey’s Skinny Recipes is that she doesn’t just share the recipes, she tells you the benefits of almost every ingredient she is using in that particular recipe. Most of the time, she also shares with the viewers the Ayurvedic benefits of that recipe or ingredient. We had the privilege of knowing why we are eating what we are eating only till our grandmothers were alive. They were the ones who always told us the benefits of ghee and oil, or did not allow us to eat heavy dinner if we have had heavy snacks in the evening. In short, they knew how to maintain balance when it came to food.

The reason why all of us are constantly fighting to lose weight is our eating habits – untimely and unhealthy. We have given up on ghee but not on junk. This is more harmful than we can imagine. Let’s pledge to not crash diet and harm our bodies any further but start eating healthy ghar ka khaana to stay fit. This is exactly what I was doing a few months back and that is when I stumbled upon Nisa Homey’s YouTube channel, Skinny Recipes.

Surprisingly, for the first time in life, I enjoyed recipes that came with a ‘healthy’ tag. I tried her Masala Jowar Roti recipe and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is not just healthy but tasty and filling as well. One Masala Jowar Roti in the morning and you are ready to kick start your day. The next recipe that I tried is Cinnamon Tea which I think each one of us can easily make a part of our routine to cut down the stubborn belly fat.

Apart from the recipes, she also has diet plans for women suffering from PCOS/PCOD and hormonal imbalance. Then there are Thyroid diet plans, as well. So, check out this channel and let me know how did you find this recommendation. If there are any channels you would want me to feature on The Digital Popcorn, do let me know.

Number of Subscribers: 1.34M and counting

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