Featured: The Himalayan Husky

Before the lockdown happened, I had seen The Himalayan Husky’s videos on and off. I never actually paid much attention to the channel even though I liked it because….? Work! I never took time out to watch the videos but simply saw it because Mom was putting it up on TV. 

During the lockdown, once while I was having my morning coffee, Mom saw that a new video is up on The Himalayan Husky channel and played the same. That was the day when I attentively watched the video. 

Which video was it? Redemption Part 1! And I fell head over heels in love with it. No, not the channel immediately but that particular video. Reason? The trek, the adventure, the experience, and the breathtaking views. It was like someone was living my wildest dream. That video was surreal. What I loved the most about the vlog was its painful ‘REALITY.’ Social Media has made travel look so easy and glamorous that we often forget that travel comes with its own pros and cons. Once you reach your destination, there is nothing like it, but the journey can sometimes be so difficult, so exhausting that you might just entirely give it up and never chase such a wild dream ever again. 

I then waited for part 2 of redemption. I wanted to know what happened next. Did the pack reach the top safely? And this is the strength of The Himalayan Husky. It’s story-telling. It’s not just another blog. Every video tells you a gripping story. Sometimes the stories make you laugh and other times, they might even make you weep. Some stories are thought-provoking while others are just entertaining. 

Now that you know how I fell in love with The Himalayan Husky, let me now tell you a little about the channel.

The Himalayan Husky revolves around the lives of two dogs, Max (a labrador), Ghost (a Siberian Husky), and Divy Khatri (their Father). These 3 share an amazing bond. If you aren’t a dog lover, these videos would still make you fall in love with dogs, and you never know, you might even go adopt the fur babies for yourself. 

What I admire the most is how Divy Khatri manages to take these babies on the most adventurous treks. Some of the blogs took my breath away. I only kept wondering how this man manages to handle his camera, take care of himself and his pets. No matter where he is going and how much baggage he is carrying, he makes sure he packs food and other essentials for his babies. People who buy/adopt pets or are planning to buy/adopt pets for fun or as a status symbol must definitely watch The Himalayan Husky. You would know how one needs to take care of these little ones. And if you can’t give them the love they deserve or treat them well, please don’t bring them home. 

Back to the videos, apart from being extremely addictive, The Himalayan Husky’s vlogs are an experience. The quality of the videos is such that you live the Himalayan life, even if it’s for 30 minutes. It refreshes you. First Li Ziqi and now The Himalayan Husky, both have tempted me to leave the city life and settle in the mountains. How I wish I could even for a day live the life these two are living. 

Did I once again wander off? Okay, let’s come back to the videos. Here are some of my favourites, in case, you are planning to check out this channel soon:

  1. Meeting our puppies after 5 months | Badshah and Laila 
  2. Exploring hot water springs in the Himalayas
  3. Found this magical place in the Himalayas! Reached Vedang – Episode 4

What makes this channel stand out? Its cinematography and story-telling skills. More than a vlog, it gives you a feel of a movie being watched in theatres. Bigger the screen, better the experience! 

Number of Subscribers: 1.56 lakh and counting

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