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Pre-pandemic, our lives were already in the process of becoming digital. But during pandemic, even our education shifted from offline to online. Though there are many online course providers who offer certified courses from reputed institutions, there are some hobbies that do not need certificates to prove to the world how good you are at it. One of such hobbies, or let’s say, passion is Music. 

It’s not just about the certificate; in the post-pandemic world, it is also a lot about money. Many have lost their jobs and hence cannot afford spending any extra penny to utilise their free time. Apart from that, work from home has also given the working class extra time to pursue their hobbies. Before everything gets back to absolute normal, we should try to learn and gain knowledge as much as we can.

That is why today I am featuring Acoustic Pahadi, a channel where you can learn to play guitar for free. From basics to Hindi and English songs, Sandy has covered everything on this YouTube channel. To give you a glimpse of the content published on this channel, here is a list of few videos that you might be interested in:

Guitar Lessons

  1. Strings of Guitar
  2. Basic Guitar Chords
  3. Shifting chords for beginners
  4. How to change guitar strings

Hindi Songs

  1. Tera Yaar Hoon Main
  2. Dil Diya Gallan
  3. Nazm Nazm
  4. Hawayein

English Songs

  1. Shape of You
  2. Despacito
  3. Wanted Man
  4. Somebody’s Me

I hope this recommendation will help you to not just learn the basics but also help you lay the foundation of becoming a pro at Guitar. 

If you have any such recommendations, drop me an email at thedigipop@gmail.com to feature your favourite channel on The Digital Popcorn. 

Number of Subscribers: 1M and counting

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