Featured: CookingShooking

I do not really follow recipe channels. If I need any recipe, I simply Google it or look for it on YouTube, read or watch multiple recipes and then zero in on one. This is the only cooking channel that I stumbled upon on Facebook past midnight and spent at least an hour watching recipes. I then thought of looking for it on YouTube so that I can subscribe to the channel immediately, in case, I forget about it the next morning. 

What made me watch recipes one after the other at around 1 AM when I wasn’t even thinking about cooking – neither breakfast nor lunch or dinner. The simplicity! Most of his recipes can be tried by anyone, any time, at home. Reason? There are no fancy ingredients or difficult procedures involved.

A few days back I had tried garlic bread which turned out fine but then I always felt that for garlic bread, I will always require a garlic bread loaf. Maybe because it enhances the taste or is simpler to make. The first CookingShooking video that I came across was how to make Dominos style stuffed garlic bread with our regular bread slice. And I instantly fell in love with Yaman Agarwal. So I decided to check his Facebook page. The next thing that caught my attention was how to store onions for up to 1 year. Storing onions! Now, this is something all of us wanted to know a few months back. I suggest you go check out this video. We might need this in the future as well. 

Another recipe that made me actually look for this YouTube channel was his instant bhatura recipe. I mean, who wouldn’t want to skip the fermentation process and have perfect bhature in just 15 minutes? These are just a few recipes that I instantly fell in love with. There are many more out there like Kadhai Pizza, Rava Masala Sandwich, Paan Kulfi, Dahi Kebab, etc that you wouldn’t resist from trying. 

Apart from recipes, I love the way Yaman Agarwal presents his recipes. He is someone you would want to watch. I simply adore his Hindi intro, ‘Aur mere chatoro, kaise ho aap?’ Now, that’s something unique and extremely personal. ‘Chatoro’ gives you a feeling that he is directly addressing you. At least, I feel it that way. 

For a successful food channel, along with good recipes, the other things you need are:

  1. Good presentation skills
  2. Good editing skills
  3. Sharp, crisp, tempting visuals

CookingShooking has it all. The recipes are presented well, the videos are well-edited, and the food looks irresistible. So guys here’s my recommendation: Go check CookingShooking, try out Yaman’s recipes, and let me know whether you liked the recommendation.

If there are YouTube channels that you love and want me to feature them on The Digital Popcorn, do let me know in the comments section below. 

Subscribers: 2.65M and counting


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