Featured YouTube Channel: Street Food Zaika

Street Food Zaika is the only YouTube channel that I love to binge-watch. Maybe because I love cooking but even if you are not into cooking but wish to learn it, you should watch Street Food Zaika. There are many channels that focus on quick and simple recipes but here, you will learn how to cook. 

No, Street Food Zaika isn’t your online cooking classes but every video focuses on giving the audience a detailed recipe of whatever’s cooking in the kitchen. So, if you know your basics and want to become a pro (especially when it comes to non-vegetarian food), then subscribe to this channel. 

Street Food Zaika was started in 2019 by Riyaz Shaikh and his mother, Mumtaz Shaikh. 882K subscribers in two years is excellent growth for a recipes channel considering the competition in this domain on YouTube. 

Moving on to what Riyaz and Mumtaz aunty’s Street Food Zaika is famous for – Recipes! 

From Shwarma to Shami Kebab and Chicken Biryani to Mutton Raan Mandi, you will find every recipe here that a non-vegetarian lover dreams of. Speaking of vegetarian food, from Bihar’s Litti Chokha to Maharashtrian Thali, you may just find what you are looking for here. But since I love watching Street Food Zaika specifically for non-veg recipes, here are some of my favourites that I would recommend you to not just watch but also try them yourself:

  1. Mutton Champaran
  2. Butter Chicken secret recipe
  3. Boneless Fish Biryani
  4. Naan Khaliya
  5. Urad Dal Gosht 
  6. Keema Kachori
  7. Bheja Masala
  8. Sukhe Bombil ki Chutney (Dry Bombay Duck chutney), and many more

And yes, not to forget, as a bonus, you also get home remedies with healthy recipes to fight disorders/diseases on this channel:

  1. Home remedy for Diabetes
  2. Flax seeds kheer 
  3. Gond Ke Laddu

I guess the recipes mentioned above give you a clear idea of the variety of non-veg recipes available on this channel. Look at it as your starter pack and hop on to the channel to explore more. 

Number of Subscribers: 882K and counting

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