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I will describe Traveling Desi in his own words, that is, with the help of the About section on his channel. Why? Because that best describes his content. Here you go: 

“I am Traveling Desi, an average Indian budget traveler who has traveled to more than 25 countries so far including USA, UK, Canada and about 20 in Europe alone and with all my travel experience in all range of budgets, I bring you my experience on this channel to share the information I gathered over years. 

I make travel series on how to plan an international budget trip or how to visit Europe on a budget from India. I am an Indian vlogger and an Indian backpacker who travels the world in minimum possible funds investing in best travel practices.” 

Now, what’s interesting here is, ‘BUDGET INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.’ To give you a quick example of this, in his latest Cuba blog, he’s rented an AirBnB room just for Rs 1500 per night. That’s just one example of the kind of content Mohit Manocha puts up on his channel, The Traveling Desi. 

Other videos on his channel that international travelers looking for a budget vacation should watch are:

  1. Switzerland in Rs 75000 – 10 Days, 10 Cities
  2. Europe Trip Rs 65000 only
  3. Paris in Rs 30000
  4. Amsterdam in Rs 30000

…And more!

What I love the most about Traveling Desi’s blogs is TRANSPARENCY. He doesn’t glamorize budget travel or make it all look hunky-dory. He always talks about the risks involved and the precautions you need to take while traveling to certain places – the unknown, unexplored territories. 

Now that we have spoken enough of the kind of content Traveling Desi covers, let me now tell you what I love the most about his blogs. 

It is undoubtedly his videos with his mom. Then may it be the motorhome journey or just the Q&A videos with her. During the lockdown, when both of them got stuck in Canada, the way he made arrangements to keep her entertained and also to churn content for the Traveling Desi channel was really applaudable. Many travel bloggers (even food bloggers) couldn’t manage to create interesting and relevant content during the crisis. It’s understandable though but even at times like these, there were a few who managed to keep us entertained making this difficult time easier for all of us. Among these few bloggers were Mohit Manocha and his Mom. Without her, I am sure even his blogs would have had a hint of ‘lockdown struggle.’ But with her by his side, it was all so good. 

And last but not the least, another guy who makes Traveling Desi worth a watch is Neeraj Batheja. I personally long to watch the trio (Mohit, his Mom, and Nik) together whenever they part ways and Mohit goes back to traveling solo. 

Go watch Traveling Desi now and let me know if you liked this recommendation. If there is a YouTube channel that you love to watch and want me to feature it on The Digital Popcorn, please email your recommendation at thedigipop@gmail.com.  

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