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The only drawback of the digital world is that it lacks human touch. Since everything gets done from the comfort of our homes, we rarely reach out to another human being or communicate with each other. For The Digital Popcorn, I do the same. Watch digital content and review it online.

This time I decided to at least try and understand what goes behind creating that digital content; to understand the creator’s story.

I hence decided to speak to Aniket Rasam before going ahead and featuring his YouTube channel, Goshta Kokanatli on the blog. I am glad that I took this decision and I am also glad that Aniket is the first person I chose to speak to. Why? Because he did not make me feel that we are speaking for the first time. He is the same friendly guy off the camera that he is on the camera. Before I start introducing you guys to Goshta Kokanatli, I thank Aniket for taking time out for a quick chat.

Now, why I chose to feature Goshta Kokanatli on The Digital Popcorn?

Firstly, who does not love Konkan? Watching Konkan from a local’s eyes is a treat to watch, especially to the people living in metro cities. I genuinely believe that to get to understand the soul of a place, you need to explore it with a local, like a local. That’s the essence of Goshta Kokanatli.

Secondly, the food. Since my Granny was from Goa, the food we make at home is Goan – the fish curries, the mutton, crab, jackfruit recipes – everything. Konkani recipes on Aniket’s channel that his Mother or grannies from the neighbourhood show is something I could instantly relate to. That is also one of the reasons I love his channel. And for the ones who simply love Konkani food, you would want to watch more of Goshta Kokanatli as you would learn to make authentic Konkani food on his channel. Here are some of the mouth-watering, Konkani food recipes he has featured on his channel:

  1. Kovlya fansachya garanchi bhaaji (Jackfruit recipe)
  2. Chulivarchi kelfulachi bhaji (Banana Flower recipe)
  3. Surmai Fry, and more

Third, the lifestyle. From fishing to farming and waking up in the morning to going to bed – what kind of life does people of Konkan live? If you are curious too, this channel is definitely for you. In short, you can expect Konkan – up, close, and personal on this channel. That’s about the content on the channel.

Let us now take a look at what makes this content stand out? There are thousands of vloggers out there but there are only a few that make a mark. What’s in Aniket’s channel that makes him stand out from the rest?

His love of Konkan. Experts believe that if the younger generation start taking care of farming, the industry will bloom as they will introduce agriculture to new techniques and technologies. Aniket is one of those rare young people who quit city life to go back to the farm life. Even after his entire family being settled in Mumbai, he decided to quit his day’s job as Store Manager and go back to Konkan. The reason? He could never fall in love with the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. The childhood memories of farming with his grandfather haunted him time and again which resulted in frequent visits to his native place. He knew that city isn’t where he belongs, so he moved back to Konkan.

I remember him telling me how his friend suggested that he starts blogging when he didn’t even know what blogging is all about. The first question he asked his friend was, ‘what’s blogging?’ After understanding this new profession, he started shooting videos on his mobile phone which didn’t do well at first. He then introduced his audience to his Mother and Konkani food. And since then there has been no looking back. The family who was once, like every other middle-class family, was unsupportive of Aniket quitting his job where he was not just doing well but was also being promoted, is now a part of his channel. Fortunately, the boy’s love and passion for the village is paying off. Goshta Kokanatli family is growing and the channel has started receiving appreciation. Recently, his channel was also featured in the Maharashtra Times.

In the future, Aniket will take us on a beautiful journey of Konkan by exploring the unexplored. He is also trying to make the village tourist-friendly so that people like you and I can experience Konkan in the most authentic way possible. So guys, show some love to Goshta Kokanatli and help this channel grow. Your love and support will not only help the channel grow but also help Aniket to take Konkan to new heights.

Number of Subscribers: 115K and counting

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