Featured: Simple Living Wise Thinking

When you start watching Simple Living Wise Thinking, you won’t find anything extraordinary in the videos. And this is exactly what makes this channel worth watching. I have seen daily vloggers, especially housewives, behave like celebrities once their channel becomes popular. In daily life, even while cooking in the kitchen, you see them in party wear with faces covered in thick layers of make-up. Looking presentable on camera is different, but getting ‘red carpet’ ready while cooking or cleaning looks weird. This is exactly why I love Mrs Payal Majumdar’s Simple Living Wise Thinking channel. She is relatable. 

The best part about her is that she knows how to laugh at herself. She is human, and unlike others, she accepts it. Even if she makes a mistake, this can be anything minor like not being able to pronounce a word correctly, she will accept it on camera, and then correct it the next time. This is a rare quality in vloggers. At times where housewives are becoming motivational speakers and start giving gyaan at the drop of a hat (whether you want it or not), Mrs Payal Majumdar’s ‘genuineness’ and ‘ordinariness’ is a refreshing change. 

What to expect from Simple Living Wise Thinking? A lot of entertainment along with a housewife’s daily routine, recipes, and life in the US. Since she is an Indian vlogger residing in the US so you get to see a glimpse of the US, here and there. Then you also get to see how Indians celebrate our festivals in the US. She also frequently visits temples, Indian restaurants, and Indian grocery stores, so people who want to understand how do Indians manage in the US, you can watch Simple Living Wise Thinking to get a hint of it. 

In short, I would highly recommend this channel, especially to housewives, for relatable content, fun, pure entertainment, and most importantly, her ‘genuineness.’ 

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