Featured: Durjoy & Avantika

This is the first YouTube channel I am excited to feature on The Digital Popcorn. I have been following Durjoy Datta for a very long time now, not for his YouTube channel, but for him. The reason I started following him was simple, ‘WOW, what a cute-looking writer!’ If you see me, you would know not all writers look good.

I am following him from the time when all of us used to be either on Facebook or Twitter. We were becoming a pro at Facebook, and unfolding this mystery called Twitter. Basically, all of us were trying to understand this new social media platform. 

After following him first on Twitter and Facebook, I also started following him on Instagram, when the platform started gaining popularity.

Before Instagram happened, Durjoy Datta was only a writer where his fans used to follow him on social media channels to get the updates about his latest releases and events. But then Instagram happened where his fans would get a little insight into his personal life as well. And over a period of time, two best things happened to him and his social media followers, Rayna and Brahmi. 

As his followers fell in love with the two little angels, he started a YouTube channel and gave us more of them, gradually introducing us to his family as well. Started with the name, Durjoy Datta, with his wife, Avantika and other family members becoming an inseparable part of the YouTube channel, he changed the name to Durjoy & Avantika. 

There is no other YouTube channel that I am addicted to other than this. Till he uploads his next video, I keep checking the channel, again and again. Once the video is up, I watch the new video at least three to four times till he puts up another video the next day. Do you think I still follow him because I find him cute even today? Nahhh… I and almost everyone who follows him now follows him for the babies. Sorry, Durjoy!

Earlier it was all about Durjoy, Rayna, and Brahmi, and I still love that part the most. While he is the perfect, doting father, he also perfectly plays the role of evil fufaji. His equation with Brahmi is out-of-this-world. You might think that Durjoy troubles Brahmi but most of the time, it’s the other way round. The kid loves annoying him. When it comes to Rayna, she looks the happiest around her father and you can see it in her smile. 

Who should watch this channel? Everyone! And yes, if you are a new parent, you definitely should. Durjoy Datta is, undoubtedly, #ParentingGoals. It is amazing to see how he teaches Rayna multiple languages, and yes, also calculation, all while playing. How can I forget, he makes sure that his daughter is in touch with ‘reality,’ as well, which is why time and again, he reminds her that ‘relatives are snakes.’ 

Also, the way he takes out time in the morning to be with Rayna where they draw together is admirable. I am sure people would say that he is a father and that’s his duty. A father spending time with his daughter shouldn’t be treated as something great or unusual. I am not! But being a writer who has other commitments as well, who is busy writing books as well as writing for shows and now, also runs a YouTube channel, it is difficult to manage even one extra thing that requires your undivided attention with a calm head on the shoulders. Parents who look after kids with one full-time job on hand must be knowing what it means to spend quality time with kids daily and how difficult a task it is. Sometimes even in the videos and Instagram posts, you can easily make out how exhausted he is but still, he does it all with a smile. 

So yes, let’s show some love to Durjoy Datta, Avantika, the cute little babies, Rayna and Brahmi, and to his entire family for not just entertaining us but also for sending some good vibes our way through the videos, every day. 

Number of Subscribers: 28K and counting


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