Featured: Labour Law Advisor: Understanding New Wage Code, your CTC, and more

I did not know anything about the new wage codes till I stumbled upon this channel. Thanks to Labour Law Advisor for educating me about the new wage code that is being introduced. There must be many such employees like me who are still unaware of how new wage code is going to impact their salary or even their basic rights as an employee, hence I decided to feature this channel on the blog. I hope you find this helpful.

If you are an employee, this is a ‘must follow’ channel for you. From understanding your CTC to unfair labour practice and legal remedies, Labour Law Advisor covers it all. Apart from guiding the employees, Labour Law Advisor also makes videos for employers and HR.

What kind of content should you expect from this channel?

Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth:

“Labour Law Advisor or LLA started as a channel for Labour Laws for employees, employers & HRs. Today it has evolved to provide in-depth videos on Career, Finance, Business & Stocks. Our regular feature series other than Labour Laws are, 

  • Financial Advisor 
  • Career Advisor
  • Franchise Analysis 
  • Smart Stock Tip” 

Some of the videos that I personally liked were:

  1. New Wage Rule | How Salary and CTC will be impacted?
  2. CTC (Cost to Company), is it legal?
  3. Tax on PF Interest

Before you go and watch this channel, here is a quick piece of advice from me:

Since videos are usually short and give quick updates to the viewers, I suggest you watch these videos to keep yourself updated and also to polish your knowledge. Do not rely on the information you obtain from these or other such videos. It is recommended to speak to the experts or professionals you trust to understand the laws better. But yes, it doesn’t harm to watch videos and understand your rights as an employer, HR, or an employee. Once the basics are clear, you can then approach the professional you trust.

Number of Subscribers: 1.53M and counting

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