Featured YouTube Channel: Sab Badhiya Hai

If you are planning to move to the US or are simply curious about life in the US, then Sab Badhiya is the right channel for you. Run by two friends, Akash Rathore and Rahul Malviya, their main focus is to cover everything one needs to know about the United States, if they wish to move to the country. 

I am someone who is neither obsessed with nor do I plan to move there. Still, I love the content these guys share on their channel. So even if you are not planning to relocate, you can watch the videos to polish your knowledge about the similarities and differences between India and the US. And for the ones who want to get to know the United States better, let me mention a few videos that can be your starter pack:

  1. How to get H-1B Visa
  2. Things to bring to USA from India
  3. Apartment tours USA
  4. Cost of living in USA
  5. Buying car in USA
  6. USA grocery market
  7. My 8 weeks preparation plan for Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and other big tech companies
  8. American vs Indian Theatre

The above mentioned video titles are self-explanatory so I won’t get into the details. The idea is to give you a gist of the kind of content that goes up on the channel. 

What I like the most about Sab Badhiya Hai is, unlike most channels, the video titles are not clickbait. What is promised in the headline is delivered in the video. Akash Rathore does an amazing job at giving you detailed information about every topic he picks. It’s a genuine effort to tell every Indian what the United States feels like. And all of this information comes for free. What else do you need in life when someone is already making you feel at home even before you move to the country? Once you land, you will already be familiar with the grocery stores, theatres, tech companies, and whatnot. 

And yes, if you are a traveller who plans to explore the country as soon as you land, then here’s your starter pack:

  1. A very risky trail in American National Forest
  2. Kansas City to Miami full journey
  3. Camping in USA

Moving or not moving to the USA, this channel will give you a lot of information about the country and at the same time will keep you entertained. I am sure you won’t regret subscribing to this channel. Give it a shot!

Number of subscribers: 101K and counting

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