Introducing Cinemapreneur: A New OTT Platform Where You “ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU WATCH”

So guys, if you have read my yesterday’s post, ‘The Digital Popcorn Is Back: And It’s Changing,’ you might be well aware of the fact that this blog is going to go through a transformation with regards to the content.  While I was on a break looking for “QUALITY CONTENT,’ tired of all the trash being dumped on OTT platforms these days, I came across an article that spoke about a new OTT platform that features only independent films. I researched a bit more and instantly fell in love with its concept. Finally, there is someone who is paying attention to good cinema. 

I then decided to introduce it to you guys. Before I give you more information about Cinemapreneur, please note that this is NOT A SPONSORED POST

What I absolutely loved about Cinemapreneur? 

First things first, PAISA! Yes, you read that right. I have subscribed to almost every OTT platform. Thanks to The Digital Popcorn. Every time they deduct the subscription amount from my account and send me a message about it, I sit back and count how many films or web series I actually watched this month. The answer is one on Netflix, one on Prime Video, one on Hotstar, and so on. But the money that goes for that one piece of content is a lot. 

When I read about Pay Per View concept which is, you pay only for what you watch, I was relieved. A platform that’s built exclusively for independent films and then all they want us to do is, only pay for what we watch. That’s like a blessing for filmmakers as well as cinema lovers. 

But then I thought the prices might be such that we might just be convinced that the subscription model is better. They proved me wrong once again. Content on Cinemapreneur starts from Rs. 49. And the highest that I came across is Rs. 99. 

What type of content is available on Cinemapreneur?

Currently, there are 3 main categories on the platform:

  1. Feature Films
  2. Short Films
  3. Documentaries

In short, there is something for everyone. 

To know Cinemapreneur better, you can visit the platform here and understand how does it actually work. 

From next week, I will also review a select few films on The Digital Popcorn. So, stay tuned and keep watching this space to know WHAT TO WATCH AND WHAT NOT TO WATCH ON THE WEB.

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