The Digital Popcorn Is Back: And It’s Changing

I hope you missed The Digital Popcorn as much as I did. 

Firstly, why did I take a break? 

The idea of The Digital Popcorn had clicked while watching Vikrant Massey’s The Rise on YouTube. Just before that, I had watched Phir Zindagi on YouTube and had written a short post about the film on Facebook. After watching The Rise, I felt sad for the good content on digital that’s not getting recognition. We were all chasing and consuming mediocre content just because it was popular. It wasn’t our fault. We simply didn’t know which content is good and which is not, unless and until we saw it. And none of us have enough time to hunt for good content online as the pool of online content is huge. How deep will you dive? 

I started The Digital Popcorn to hunt good content, as much as I can, and feature it on a dedicated platform. It was all going well till one day, suddenly all the big fish jumped in this pool. Big budget films, popular names, known directors, big banners – all were on Digital. With so much happening around, I somewhere forgot what my motive behind this platform was. I too started to give preference and importance to mediocre content, just because it was popular. Eventually, I realised that I do not like what I am doing anymore. No, I wasn’t hating my blog but I was just not happy with the content I was putting up on it. So, I decided to take a break and readjust my focus. 

What’s New?

Will there be no reviews of popular content? Of course, there will be. Because you should also know ‘WHAT NOT TO WATCH ON DIGITAL.’ But yes, my priority will always be good content. I will not waste my time watching shitty content that some of the popular production houses are creating. I will instead invest that time in hunting, watching, and then recommending good content to you guys. So that when you sit down with your family on weekends to entertain yourselves, you don’t end up torturing yourself. 

So yes, from here on, if you don’t find a review of a popular film or web series, and instead, find a web series or short film that is not much known, please do not be disappointed. 

Apart from web series and films, I will also try to feature more YouTubers and recommend more watch-worthy content.  

Let us together support and promote good work, as much as we can. 

P.S: Some super short movies that cannot make it to the blog will be recommended/reviewed on Facebook and Instagram. So, don’t forget to follow The Digital Popcorn on social media. 

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