Masaba Masaba Review

When compared to the trash that is being dumped on and released by OTT platforms, Masaba Masaba comes as a breath of fresh air. That doesn’t mean I am calling it a fab show. Nope! The right word for the show would be, ‘LUKEWARM.’ Neither great nor bad.  Having said that, Masaba Masaba isn’t for the masses. Not everyone would love and not everyone would hate it. 

This show, from the very beginning, reminded me of Mahi Way, a YRF show that used to come on Sony TV. If you have watched this show or have been a fan of it, you would understand Masaba Masaba’s concept quickly. The only difference between these two shows is that this Netflix original is inspired by Masaba Gupta’s real life. 

When to watch this show? When you are in a mood for entertainment, for something that’s neither high nor low on emotions, something that would keep you engaged but does not require you to use your brain, then go for Masaba Masaba. Very light on emotions, funny at times, it would keep your mind off things for a few hours. 

What disappointed me was that the makers had an excellent opportunity to turn it into a classy, hilarious show. The concept was good, the script was great (it had all the elements to make it a fun show), the performances were up to the mark, still, it failed to excite or emotionally involve the audience.

At some places, it also looked like a few key events from Masaba Gupta’s life are simply stitched together. The story didn’t flow smoothly. It seemed like the plot and the detailing has been overlooked or not at all been given any importance to. For example, after the divorce, Masaba is almost broke. She has been told that if she rents the apartment she has finalised, she would not be able to pay her staff’s salaries. And then, there is no discussion in the entire show about her finances and how she managed to rent the same apartment as well as pay the salaries. 

Speaking of the performances, Masaba Gupta has performed really well. I loved the way she speaks, there is evident clarity in her speech. Each and every word is delivered effortlessly. But yes, that stability and peace in her voice remain the same throughout. Even when frustrated or unhappy, the emotion in her voice doesn’t change. This is my observation and I might even be wrong. Having said that, I would someday love to hear her recite poetry. That clarity of speech along with an extra-smooth delivery of words is hard to find. 

What I loved about the show? Two strong-willed women who stand for what they feel is right, even though they break down at times, they stand back up on their feet, ready to take on the world, Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta. I also liked the kind of bond they shared in the show – their bond kept changing as per the situations. When Masaba needs a Mother, Neena Gupta becomes the Mother who would fight with the world for her daughter; when her daughter needs the space, she steps back and gives it to her (just like a best friend would do). The exact reflection of her Mother is Masaba Gupta. Whenever her Mother needs a best friend, she becomes her bestie. 

To conclude, I would say, a little more enthusiasm would have taken Masaba Masaba to another level. Otherwise, it’s a good show, a one-time watch. 

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