Vaalvi: Madhugandha Kulkarni and Paresh Mokashi, This Writer-Director Duo Is A Blessing To Marathi Film Industry

Take their individual work or the work they have done together, if their names are associated with the project, the film or TV serial has to be good. First Elizabeth Ekadashi, then Chi Va Chi Sau Ka, and now Vaalvi. For my non-Marathi readers, Madhugandha Kulkarni and Paresh Mokashi’s films are always heart-warming. That’s their USP. Though the story is imaginary, it is always relatable and realistic. 

Vaalvi is totally different from their previous films. Oh wait, when I say “totally different,” trust me, this film is “different.” No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to guess the end of the movie. The best part about the story is its twist which is in the very last minute of Vaalvi. You think of all possible twists but the writer is ahead of you, she beats you every time and when the movie ends, she simply laughs at you, the way you laugh at the characters. 

So, what’s the story of Vaalvi? 

Vaalvi is a murder mystery. 

Aniket, played by Swapnil Joshi, is planning to murder his wife, Avani (played by Anita Date) along with his girlfriend, Devika. As the duo scripts the murder, the plan is to make it look a suicide. As Avani is already visiting a psychiatrist, Aniket thinks it would be easier to prove that she has committed suicide as she was already battling depression.

On the other hand, he is convincing his wife that both of them should commit suicide together as he has suffered losses in business. With no kids and no place to go, Avani agrees to committing suicide. While her husband wants her to write a suicide note and mention that she is doing it by choice and no one should be blamed for killing herself, she writes a note on behalf of both of them. Despite the hiccups, Aniket succeeds in killing Avani by following the plan he has made along with Devika. 

But when he comes back home, he finds that Avani’s body is missing after which he gets a call from Avani’s psychiatrist. To know what for, you will have to watch the film. 

After the call, as Aniket and Devika plan their next course of action as informing police isn’t an option anymore, they commit two more murders on the way.

What follows is truly fun and “UNEXPECTED”. Though the car ride gets a little boring after a point of time, it is all forgotten the moment you get a mini heart-attack in the last scene. 

The movie released on Zee5 on 24th February but it looks like viewers want to know how to download Vaalvi as it is one of the trending queries online. To download this Marathi movie, you need to be a Zee5 subscriber. Once you click on watch a movie, you will see the DOWNLOAD option right under the movie screen. Click on download and choose from the below three options:

1) Data Saver (240p)

2) SD (480p)

3) HD (720p)

Once you download Vaalvi, you can watch it anytime without worrying about it loading all the time due to network issues.

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