We Have A Ghost Review: Filmy and Boring

The trailer of We Have A Ghost had set the standard high but unfortunately, the movie isn’t half as good as the trailer. The trailer was funny. It convinced us that after a long time, we have a kid-friendly ghost on Netflix. But this voice-less ghost was truly trapped in a filmy and boring plot that, just like Frank and CIA, put the ghost on display for personal gain. 

Though the beginning looked interesting, immediately after the father finds out about Ernest, the plot takes a monotonous and boring turn. Tiktokers, social media influencers, and news channels, all start gathering outside the family’s house for the glimpse of the ghost. This further takes an ugly turn when the CIA traps Ernest for study and research. 

This is the entire plot of this two-hour long film. The social media craze, people gathering in front of the house, and Dr Leslie Monroe trying to trap Ernest starts almost immediately. This is where the movie gets monotonous. 

We Have A Ghost could have been a better film if the writer and director of the film, Christopher Landon would have paid attention to developing a bond between Kevin and Ernest, and also rest of the family members before jumping on the social media frenzy twist. Right now, it feels like the writer was himself fascinated by some of the kid-friendly ghosts that he saw on-screen while growing up so he took the liberty to create one now that he can. ‘What would the additional twists be?’ he asked himself and soon answered, ‘Oh, tiktok it is!’ And then the film was made by picking up bits and pieces from other stories. 

If Christopher Landon would have given We Have A Ghost a spiritual touch and then have brought in humour, it would have still been a good movie to watch. Honestly, what is made now looks like a confusion. A stuck soul who remembers almost nothing, a young boy trying to help him find out why he is stuck so that he can get closure and finally become a part of the Universe again but then the CIA comes in and also catches a soul, holds him captive, then Dr Monroe suddenly has a change of heart and releases this soul so that he is not tortured further… I mean, all of it has no logic. 

I did not like Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri either because even though I loved the story, I did not like the way the film was made. We Have A Ghost made me feel like this could have been an improved version of Phillauri because somewhere the plots intersect. But, unfortunately, both the writers messed up the films. 

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