SK Sir Ki Class Mini Series Episode 2 Review: Confusion Hi Confusion Hai, Solution Kuch Pata Nahi

SK Sir Ki Class Episode 2 is exactly the title of this post or should I say, that is what Ashish’s life looks like in the second episode, Agnipariksha.

In episode 1, we saw that Ashish is given his first task out of the 3 tasks to help SK Sir find notes to complete his book. Once the 3 tasks are completed, SK Sir will speak to Ashish’s father and ask him to take Ashish back home. 

In Episode 2, Ashish is seen attending Sujata Mam’s history classes to complete the notes. But, as per SK Sir’s instructions, she doesn’t cover the topics Ashish is attending her classes for. After a few classes, when Ashish seems to run out of patience, she hands him over a name of the book in which he will find what he is looking for. 

To his disappointment, no matter how many bookstores he visits, he doesn’t find the book. While doing all of this, he starts losing interest in the competition he was going to participate in with his friend, Raghav. Worried about Ashish not paying much attention to the competition, Raghav jumps in to help his friend find a bookstore where he might find the book for his notes. The bookseller then hands over a bunch of books to Ashish and tells him that the book he is looking for is out of the market. He can get it from either a ragpicker or an old aspirant. Hearing this, Ashish calls his father but he disconnects as he is in a meeting. 

Irritated and disappointed, Ashish decides to not ask his father for help. When Raghav comes to know about what’s happening in Ashish’s life, he meets Charanjeet Arora and gets the notes Ashish is looking for. 

At the end, Ashish hands over the notes to his SK Sir and asks for other two tasks so that he can quickly complete those and get out of old Rajinder Nagar. The episode ends here and just like the first episode, we are left wanting for more. 

Now my question here is, Ashish loves technology and is a pro when it comes to ideating. Now, if he doesn’t participate in the competition and keeps chasing something he doesn’t like a bit, how will it give him clarity about the future? Isn’t SK Sir simply messing up his mind further? What if Ashish only loses direction further? 

Let’s wait and watch what unfolds in the upcoming episodes. Only as the show progresses, we will know what exactly SK Sir has planned for Ashish. 

For now, we will have to wait for the release of SK Sir Ki Class episode 3. As always, the third episode will stream next Tuesday, 07th March 23, at 12 PM. 

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