Lost Review: It’s High Time! Writers And Filmmakers Should Get Over Their Obsession For Politics, Naxalism, and Activism

Has this ever happened to you? You bring home a veggie or chicken/mutton and decide to not make the same old recipe this time. So you go to YouTube and for hours, you look for recipes – from desi to global. And then you realise that it’s time to cook. You still haven’t found what you have been looking for. So you give up only to settle for a tried and tested recipe – the one that even your ancestors used to make. Lost is that recipe. 

The only difference between your and Lost’s recipe is that yours is still edible, but Lost is… well, you know what I mean! 

I couldn’t even chew what was served. Forget about swallowing and digesting it. Honestly, I did not finish the movie. I just couldn’t. Yami Gautam’s expressionless face and her unconvincing portrayal of a brave journalist is what makes you change Zee5 without even wanting to know what happens next. But yes, you would want to know what happened to Ishan,  the missing guy – whether he is dead or alive. For that, there are articles online that explain the ending of Zee5’s Lost better than the writer of this film. 

The story is, undoubtedly, repetitive. Ishan goes missing and Vidhi, the journalist, is keen on knowing all the wheres, whys and hows of the case. Since a politician is involved, neither the family nor the reporter seems to be getting support from the system. Hence, Vidhi is everyone’s only hope – the family’s as well as the audience’s. This is where a major mistake is made. Yami Gautam cannot be anyone’s only hope. She clearly cannot shoulder the responsibility of a strong character. From Vicky Donor to Lost, her acting hasn’t improved a bit. Whether she plays a courageous journalist in Lost or a rape survivor in A Thursday, her portrayal never changes. To make it worse, her expressions never change. Oh wait, there are never any. 

Rahul Khanna as Varman, a politician looks good. But that’s it! He only looks good. He was supposed to be that scary politician who each one of us would like to maintain a safe distance from. Remember Amit Sial’s portrayal of Brijesh Bhan in Jamtara Season1? You look at him and you are convinced that he is out there for no good. On the contrary, you look at Rahul Khanna and you are convinced that he can do no harm. 

Speaking of the story once again, as I mentioned earlier, there is nothing new in Lost. It’s about a journalist who wants to find a missing guy or at least know what happened to him, whether he is alive or dead. While she is joining the dots, you go through the dark and connected world of politics, cops, and naxalites – a world from where a common man cannot come out alive, and if he does, he is not common anymore. 

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  1. The sad part about such original movies on OTT platform is that they lack originality, depth and performance. Wrong casting ruins the movie and it reflects completely in the trailer. Honest review nevertheless. Please do publish the review of Mukhbir on Digital Popcorn. I had seen the web series in one sitting. I give a miss to ‘Lost’.

    1. The sad part about such original movies on OTT platform is that they lack originality, depth and performance. Wrong casting ruins the movie and it reflects completely in the trailer – VERY TRUE!

      Speaking of Mukhbir, it is again a Zee5 original. That Zee5 original tag is enough to skip the show. Without even watching I can tell you it’s not worth it. Zee5 has pledged to be mediocre. They have lovely concepts but every time they fail in execution.

      1. I am not watching web series much, but mukhbir was exception. It is one time watch but was decent. Anyways, I hope to see good content oriented web series

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