SK Sir Ki Class Mini Series Episode 1 Review: Gagan Arora Is OTT’s Grown-Up Ishan Awasthi And Abhilash Thapliyal Is Nikumb Sir; It Is Yet An Original And Far Better Than Physics Wallah

TVF’s first episode of SK Sir Ki Class released yesterday on YouTube and I loved it. My only complaint is that they did not release all the episodes together. After a long time, there came a totally binge-worthy show. 

Since only one episode is out yet there is nothing much to share about the show here so I will quickly walk you through the story that unfolded in this 28-minute long episode, Chakravyuh. 

The story revolves around three main characters – Ashish Arora, his father Charanjeet Arora, and SK Sir. Ashish Arora is an office going guy who has no focus in life. Whatever he takes up in life, he doesn’t complete it – may it be learning a guitar, setting up a start-up, or taking a job of his choice and then resigning as he is convinced that he is not made for a 9 to 5 desk job. When the show opens, the father looks like a villain who is forcing his son to appear for UPSC exams simply because he quit his job. But as the show progresses, you realise that the boy needs direction in life. He is sharp and intelligent. He has futuristic ideas but he doesn’t stick to anything religiously and that is his main problem.

Now, since Ashish’s father, an IAS officer keeps calling SK Sir to inquire about Ashish’s progress which is none, SK Sir has a challenging task in front of him. That is to find out a way to make this guy take interest in and learn whatever he is teaching. To do so, SK Sir assures Ashish that he will talk to Charanjeet and ask him to take Ashish back home. Before that, he has a list of things that Ashish should do to help Sir complete the book that he has been writing from quite some time. 

Going forward, whether SK Sir helps Ashish find his real purpose or whether he makes him clear the UPSC exam by ditching traditional teaching methods, just the way Ashish has proposed in one of the classes is interesting to watch. How unconventional this show is, only time will tell.

The first episode, Chakravyuh, was truly engrossing. The writers, Prashant Kumar and Chirag Basran have done a good job writing an episode that is simple yet keeps you hooked. Even though the series reminds you of Taare Zameen Par, the way it is written, you cannot compare the movie with this show. Again, only after watching more episodes, will we be able to judge the show better and decide whether the plot is repetitive or has something new to offer. 

Second episode of SK Sir Ki Class will be released on 28th February, that is coming Tuesday. Till then, enjoy Chakravyuh and wait for the review of episode 2. 

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