Bestseller Review: Don’t Buy This Flop Bestseller Even If Someone Gives It To You For Free

Bestseller is about a bestseller that no one likes. The plot revolves around how this book destroyed lives of people on whom it was based. 

Bestseller web series was not just weird but also illogical. From the very beginning, it fails to keep you hooked. One of the key reasons why you don’t feel like watching it is also weak performances. Since the movie majorly focusses on Shruti Haasan’s character, Mithu Mathur, her failure to deliver a gripping performance has negatively affected the show. But it’s not just her, every actor has delivered the worst performance of his/her career. When each and every actor starts to disappoint, the credit of it all also goes to the director. 

When you name a series, Bestseller, and do not know how to tell a story, it is bound to be a disaster. Like A Thursday, I would have told you what makes it a failure, but there is no real story to be told here. I would still try so that you get to decide whether you want to waste your time on this series.

Tahir Wazir (Arjan Bajwa) is a rich, popular writer whose first book has been a huge failure. Since then, he has been trying to write a story that would establish him as an author. And yes, how can I forget? Even after the failure, he has already taken a signing amount from the publication house while he is wondering what to write next? 

While Tahiris still looking for inspiration, he meets Mitu Mathur, his one and only fan, in a cafe. The 3 marks on her wrist has a backstory that Tahir thinks would make a bestseller. He then hires Mitu to get to know her past better. Other than Mitu, there is a guy who joins Mayanka Kapoor’s agency as an intern. Mayanka Kapoor is Tahir Wazir’s wife and Mitu and this intern, Parth are siblings who are seeking revenge for their parents’ death. How do they do it? Again, I will try to explain it to you in short. If you get it, nothing better than that because I am still trying to make sense of it all and not very sure if I have understood it myself. 

Still, read on…

As Mitu fails to find a rental apartment for herself, Tahir shifts her into a hotel room where she is brutally attacked. The attacks on her continue. The plan is to tarnish Tahir Wazir’s image. While the sister thinks that self-harming will ruin Tahir’s image; Parth, who is a software engineer but has easily gotten into an agency as a film executive through the receptionist’s recommendation, hacks Tahir’s laptop and can now see everything that’s happening in his life via a laptop screen. Firstly, who gets a job at an award winning agency without any interview or a background check because he has a receptionist’s name as a reference on his CV? 

Anyway, let’s move on… 

Tahir Wazir’s first book, ‘Rand, Sand, Seedhi, Sanyasi,’ is a stolen story. Please don’t ask me to get into this story’s details. Even if the writers’ would have written a powerful story here, the film would have made some sense, buttt… ahh, forget it! So, Mitu Mathur and Parth are children of the family whose story this book is based on. After its release, everyone reads the book, immediately understands that it is this particular family story after which the mother commits suicide and the father couldn’t take the stress and dies after a few days. 

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Now, my point is, the author in his book has not even given credit to the people whose real-life story it was. Not even his wife knows that it is based on someone’s life. Then how did people get to know whom it is based on and how did it ruin anyone’s life when the locals also didn’t know the history of this family? How can anyone relate a book’s story without any straightforward reference or mention to someone living in almost an isolated place? 

And how can you call self-harming a revenge? There are so many mistakes to list down. I think the ones I have mentioned above are enough to not let you waste your time watching Bestseller. 

If you are wondering what’s the end? Don’t even bother getting to know it. Just safely skip this show because no matter how hard you try, it won’t make any sense. 

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  1. Hey, I thought the book’s first page has a clear note thanking “Ravi Jaisingh” and that’s how the investigating officer reaches the other professor. Did you miss that part? Doesn’t that explain why small town people identify the family?

  2. The book is gripping though rather than the series. I would recommend y’all to read the book the series is based on written by Ravi Subramanian:)

  3. The book is gripping though rather than the series. I would recommend y’all to read the book “The Bestseller She wrote”on which the series is based on written by Ravi Subramanian:)

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