Love Hostel Review: A Story Of Honor Killing Told Between Gunshots

Planning to watch Love Hostel on the weekend? Here’s a piece of advice:

Watch the first few scenes, watch the last few scenes and you will cover the entire film within minutes. 

Trust me, you won’t miss anything by watching just the beginning and the ending because there is nothing substantial happening in between.

Love Hostel isn’t a story. It’s a topic and that, as you know, is honor killing. Just to add horror to this already told story, the writer has brought in Bobby Deol to blindly murder people. 

If there is anything different between other honor killing films and Love Hostel, then it’s mass murders. Bobby Deol in this film is an omnipresent killer who kills everyone he meets on the way. There are a few questions that I would have definitely liked to ask, especially about Bobby Deol’s character but only if the film would have narrated a sensible tale and had its detailing in place. 

Now, to give you a gist of it, Love Hostel is about a couple who has eloped and is now seeking protection. Chasing them is a psychopath (who has already been declared dead) who finds the couple every now and then, but is not able to kill them as the film has to be stretched to at least one hour. And yes, this gist is all it has. 

So, if you plan to watch the film, as I mentioned above, please watch the first few scenes and the last few scenes for the benefit of time. 

If I have to speak of performances, I would only talk about Sanya Malhotra’s performance here. I genuinely loved her in Dangal. So much so that I always thought that she should have gotten to play Geeta Phogat. But after Dangal, her performance seems to have become repetitive. May it be in Badhaai Ho, Pagglait, Meenakshi Sundareshwar, or Love Hostel, I don’t see her becoming the character anymore. I only see Sanya Malhotra on the screen now. And I am not liking it because with what she managed to do in Dangal in such a limited screen time, I see an excellent artist in her. Maybe for her to shine again, a good director is needed. 

Bobby Deol and Vikrant Massey have done justice to their roles, but again, there was nothing worth doing in this film. 

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