Cubicles Season 2 Review: It’s Every Employee’s ‘Relatable’ Story Who Is In a Love-Hate Relationship With His Job

Like every other TVF show, Cubicles season 2 is also a relatable show that can be watched with your entire family. What I love the most about TVF shows is their touch of feel-good factor to everything they do. I mean who can imagine watching a show about a frustrated corporate employee’s life that also talks about life’s complexities like CTC (on paper and not on the paper), corporate politics, and dilemma about switching jobs (other options being worse that your current one), to feel relaxed at the end of the day? 

If you are too frustrated just like Piyush Prajapati is in the show, you will still feel good as there is someone out there who understands your pain. But yes, one thing that was too idealistic and serial-istic was foes turning into friends. Now, that’s never happening in real life. In today’s cut-throat competition, everyone wants a slice of someone else’s cake. 

Overall, Cubicles 2 is a good watch just like Cubicles season 1 or any other TVF series.

Now coming to my favourite part of the series, Abhishek Chauhan. I don’t know if Cubicles season 1 was his first project or whether he has worked in the past as well. But I saw him for the first time in season 1 and trust me, this guy is a rockstar. If you don’t believe me, watch him play Rishi in Sony LIV’s Undekhi. What control he has over the characters he plays. It’s simply mind blowing. 

When he is Piyush, a new joinee, you relive your fresher days with him. When he is Piyush, the next level frustrated employee, you can’t help but vent out your pent up frustration with him. Maybe in the next season, he will show us what retirement would look like, and then we would know that is what our future is going to be. And maybe, in the next season, the close to retirement employees would relate to Piyush Prajapati and the complications the next phase of work life would bring in his life. 

Oh yes, speaking of retirement, how can I not mention RDX? Jaimini Pathak is a fantabulous actor. In Cubicles, he has shown what an excellent actor’s only presence can do to a series/film. Of course, to have an impactful ‘silent’ presence is the director’s masterstroke but yet if the actor fails to make an impact then that director’s efforts would be a total waste. Hats off to Jaimini Pathak for playing such a small role with such grace, dignity, and above all, ‘impact.’ 

Nidhi Bisht is the backbone of the series. Without her, the boss would not be the boss. Megha is cunning and sweet in perfect proportion. Last but not the least, Khushbu Baid as HR is the annoying HR you hate but cannot afford to hate but still cannot convince yourself to like her. She is the perfect proportion of bitchiness and bitchiness. 

Should you watch Cubicles season 2 this weekend? Of course, you should. 

Streaming On: Sony LIV

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