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On your first job, you unlearn all that you have learnt in life. Cubicles is a journey of that learning and unlearning. If you are a 9 to 5 person who is stuck in a cubicle, struggling daily to fit in, this TVF Play web series is for you. It’s for everyone who shares a love and hate relationship with their job and the people around, on the job. It’s for every middle-class person for whom his/her job is the only way to climb the ladder of success and change life for good. 

Cubicles is an attempt to make you fall in love with your job, and if nothing can make you fall in love with that cubicle once again, then this series will at least help you revisit those days when you held your head high just because you got your first job. 

This series has some wonderful dialogues which will definitely change the way you perceive your cubicle. Here are three of my favorites from the very first episode:

  1. The world is not run by politicians, filmmakers, cricketers, but by people sitting and working in cubicles
  2. Pehla din hai, errors toh ayenge hi. And let me save you the suspense, second-day bhi ayenge and third too. But like you rightly said, just keep debugging.
  3. Yahi toh problem hai in cubicles ki. Ye saari cubicles ek jaise dikhte hai na, simple, square, almost indistinguishable, jaise woh online order karne par woh boxes aate hai. Isliye shayad hum ye bhul jaate hai ke boxes ek jaise huye toh kya hua what matters is ke andar kya hai. The point is har cheez alag hai…

Cubicles will remind you of that friend you lost after getting the first job, the first friend you made on the first job, that boss who you thought is khadus but still helped you grow, the boss who always wanted the best for you, the unnecessary panga because someone hated you for no reason, the perks of being employed, and so much more. And yes, the first time you understood the difference between your CTC and in-hand (Mannnn, it’s heart-breaking) and also the first time you took a responsible decision – all these bitter-sweet memories of your first job are likely to haunt you while you watch cubicles.

Speaking of actors, the first person I would like to mention here is, Nidhi Bisht, the lady boss – Megha Asthana. I first noticed her in TVF Tripling. Then in Dream Girl and now in Cubicles. In Tripling and Dream Girl, her roles were similar. A woman who can scare you with just her body language. Both her roles did tell us that she is a good actress, but in Cubicles, she was different – a strong lady who is lovable, adorable, and caring. A lady who is going through what all of us at a point in time, in our career go through – for our rights, and the right position that we think we deserve. But at the same time, she maintains a cool head on her shoulders and protects her team, whenever and wherever needed. She is a strict boss as well as a friend her team needs. In short, a perfect boss. Nidhi Bisht has done her part beautifully. As a viewer, you would not like Piyush Prajapati’s boss to change ever, even if he change jobs in the next season. 

How can I forget to mention Abhishek Chauhan who played the Piyush Prajapati in Cubicles. You guys might have seen him in Baked and TVF Pitchers earlier. Unfortunately, I did not know of him before Cubicles. He will remind you of who you were on your first job. From the first episode to the last, he has changed his body language  beautifully to convince you that the boy is now becoming a man, the outsider is on his way to becoming an insider. 

If you still haven’t watched Cubicles, make sure you do, this weekend. 

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