Clean Review: This Siblings’ Story Is A Good One-Time Watch

When I was studying advertising, I always thought that one-liners/jingles are more difficult yet more captivating than the entire commercial. If I ask you to recollect some of the advertising jingles from the 90s, how many would you sing for me? Many, right? But if I ask you to tell me what that entire commercial was all about, hardly any of you will be able to recollect. 

When it comes to OTT, I see short stories as those jingles and one-liners that will stay with you for a long time whereas web series and films will come and go. One such short film is Clean. What I liked the most about it is that it’s HATKE. Every possibility I thought of was struck off. And that is what a good story is all about. It keeps you guessing till the end.

Since it’s just a 21-minute film, I cannot reveal a single detail about it but I will give you the synopsis that’s mentioned in Amazon Mini TV’s description box. Here you go: 

“A family reunion goes awry when an unfortunate incident leads two sisters to confront each other and their own issues of trauma, resentment, and redemption.”

Now, when you read words like trauma, resentment, and redemption, you must be drawing a picture of an intense and emotionally heavy film, but no, that’s not the case here. This is one of those films that you watch while travelling, in your lunch break, or right before going to bed. It’s a good story that entertains you and keeps your mind off the daily hustle for a few minutes. Though not extraordinary, it still stays with you especially because it’s an open-ended story. The moment it ends, you start to wonder what would have happened next. As I personally like open-ended stories, I liked the way it ended, or maybe, just began…

Streaming On: Amazon Mini TV

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