Ek Jhalak – The Glimpse Review: A Taboo-Breaking Film that Redefines Love

Amazon miniTV is a hidden gem. They are releasing such wonderful short films and we don’t even know about it. 

What I am loving about these films is their perspective. And yes, also the way these storytellers are dealing with delicate subjects. Take Shimmy or Single Jhumka for example. Such complicated subjects dealt with utmost sensitivity. Same is the case with Ek Jhalak.

The way Deepmala, the writer and director of this film has normalised falling in love with another human being, irrespective of the gender, is applaud-worthy. She could have easily made an entire film revolve around the topic, dramatizing the entire falling in love with…. (watch the film to know who) but she did not. 

As they say, if you want to bring the change, be the change. Deepmala is that change. She did not scream and ask people to normalise falling in love with someone society doesn’t accept. She simply, effortlessly, made people fall in love with another human being for the kind of person he/she is.

And I guess, love is the only need of the hour. Maybe that is the only way out. 

I would also thank Deepmala for finally giving Amit Sadh a role I have been wanting to see him in. A normal, sane guy; not the frustrated, angry young man. He has fit in so well in this role. I would like to describe his performance in one word – well-balanced! 

Streaming On: Amazon miniTV


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