Prime Video Channels: Subscription Charges Comparison and List of Channels

Amazon has launched Prime Video Channels. What does that mean for viewers paid subscribers like you and I? It means you get access to multiple streaming platforms on one platform. It simply saves you the pain of downloading. This announcement would have made me happier if Amazon would have offered this services to me for the same price, as that is what integrated apps should have meant. But that’s not the case! As I mentioned, it simply saves the pain of downloading.

Every channel that is integration in the Prime Video app acts as a separate channel of which subscription charges need to be paid. Is Amazon offering these channels at a discounted price? Though they are claiming it on the banner, there is little to no difference in the charges.

Before we have a look at the subscription charges, let us have a look ay the channels that have been integrated into the app:

  1. Discovery+
  2. Lionsgate Play
  3. Mubi
  4. Hoichoi
  5. Manoramamax
  6. Docubay
  7. ShortsTV
  8. Eros Now

Following are the prices at which Amazon is offering these channels to you:


Prime Video has cancelled Rs 399 and is offering Discovery+ to you for Rs 299 as an introductory offer. But Discovery itself is charging you Rs 299 for annual subscription. So I don’t see a point why you should pay Amazon to watch Discovery+.

Lionsgate Play

There is no discount here as well. Lionsgate Play is also currently offering annual subscription for Rs 699.


If you are planning to subscribe to Mubi, then here I would suggest you to subscribe to Prime Video Channel. Where you will have to pay Rs 1999 to Mubi via Amazon (as an introductory offer), direct subscription would cost you Rs 3588.


Again, I see no difference here. Both the annual subscriptions would cost you Rs 599.

For rest of the channels, please check the table:

Streaming PlatformAnnual Subscription Via Amazon
(Introductory Offer – First Year Prices)
Direct Annual Subscription
Discovery+Rs 299Rs 299
Lionsgate PlayRs 699Rs 699
MubiRs 1999Rs 3588
HoichoiRs 599Rs 599
ManoramamaxRs 699Rs 699
DocubayRs 499Rs 999
ShortsTVRs 299Didn’t find any independent app on the Playstore. Subscribing via Amazon looks like the only option here.
Eros NowRs 299Rs 399

Before you decide to opt for the low-priced subscriptions via Amazon, I suggest you thoroughly check the offers. While the streaming platform might be allowing to use the service on 2 screens for Rs 399, Amazon might be allowing you just 1 screen for Rs 299.

Read the terms and conditions before you pay.

P.S: Subscription charges mentioned in the above article are subject to change.

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