Shimmy: Salute to Every Single Father who Raises a Girl Child Single-Handedly

Shimmy is a wonderful film about a father-daughter duo who are trying to manage everything on their own without any female support. Now why is it necessary to mention ‘female’ support here? Because the story revolves around a man whose wife has, kind of, abandoned him and their teenage daughter. When it comes to a teenager, especially a girl, the kind of changes their bodies and mind go through, you have to be there for them during those crazy phases where they fail to understand what’s happening with them. If there’s a woman around, it becomes easier to talk, to extend support, and walk her through this journey of transformation as she would easily confide in her.

But what if the girl gets her period and only her father is around to tell her what to do next? What if she needs her first bra and her mother isn’t around to guide her about the size or to tell her how to buy a bra? What is she falls in love for the first time and the father fails to understand her emotions? A single father has to deal with unimaginable complications when it comes to raising a girl child. Hats off to every man who gracefully deals with such tough times in life and yet manages to give his daughter mentally, emotionally, and financially a safe life. I am sure these men also raise only strong women who can take the bull by horns when they grow up.

In a 22-minute long film, the writer-director, Disha Noyonika Rindani has beautifully managed to strike a chord with the audience. It not just makes you sit back and think about what you just saw but also brings a warm smile on your face. The performances also play a key role here as they, undoubtedly, take this film to another level. I would like to applaud all three actors, Pratik Gandhi, Bhamini Oza, and the child actor, Chahat Tewani for their heart-warming performances.

Since it’s a short story, I will keep this review short but before I end it, I would strongly recommend this short film to all my readers. The good news is that it’s available for free.

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