What’s Wrong?: A Highly Recommended Short Film on Depression

If you are one of those lucky people who have never been depressed in life but want to understand what Depression looks like, then go watch What’s Wrong, a short film on Depression by Skadoosh Films, on YouTube.

They have well explained Depression in this 6 minutes film. 

What I liked the most about What’s Wrong is that one call from the protagonist’s colleague that changes the way you look at her. That call tells you how everything can be perfect in a depressed person’s life yet mentally their world can be falling apart. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to trauma in the person’s personal or professional life. 

Another scene that I liked was where the protagonist sits with a newspaper answering a few questions about the moods and mental health, in general. In that particular scene, she is shown answering all the questions honestly, but when it comes to ‘are you depressed?’ question, she ticks, ‘NO.’ This is what most people do. Fortunately, depression isn’t a taboo anymore as there are celebrities and organizations working towards spreading awareness. But still, people who suffer from depression consider it a sign of weakness and hence, do not accept that they are suffering from a condition for which they cannot be blamed. 

Aptly explaining depression in a 6-minute film without dialogues is quite a task. Where people find it difficult to make others understand what Depression feels like using hundreds and thousands of words, I must say that the team here has done an outstanding job. Kudos to the entire team. 

Where to Watch? YouTube


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