Movie Recommendation: Is Love Enough? Sir: Experience Love in its Purest Form

I had wanted to watch this film ever since I saw its trailer for the first time. The moment I saw Is Love Enough? Sir in Netflix’s ‘Coming Soon’ section, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I knew I am going to watch this movie on the same day it releases. And I did so.

Then what took me so long to write and publish this review? I was wondering if it’s a right film to review on The Digital Popcorn since it’s neither a Netflix Original nor a Direct-to-OTT release. But I couldn’t stop myself from talking about this masterpiece. 

India rarely makes mature love-stories as the industry’s focus, most of the times, is commercial success, not the quality of content. And then the audience is blamed for their lack of appreciation for creativity. It is said that audience likes to watch masala films and hence that is what the industry gives them. But ask anyone who has watched ‘Is Love Enough? Sir’ on Netflix and they would have added it to one of their favourite love stories till now list. 

It is one of the finest love stories that I have watched. It is the best example of how can love be shown in its purest form without giving it sex ka tadka. How I wish some of the self-proclaimed content kings learn the art of effective story-telling from Rohena Gera, the director of this film. 

Apart from the gentle and profound love between Ratna and Ashwin, what I loved the most about this movie is its well-crafted characters. 

Where Ratna was truly a woman of substance, Ashwin was a man every woman would idealize and respect. Yet, they were no hero or heroine in the film. Both the characters were relatable; characters that you could resonate with, they are the people you meet in your daily life. A maid with big dreams and high aspirations and a businessman with a free soul, who has been tied down by his family’s expectations. Where both the souls are burdened and caged due to the circumstances, their desires are no different from that of each other’s, and hence they don’t just understand each other but also find solace in each other’s presence. 

When the world disappoints you and the path seems hazy, you need a companion to come home to; someone who doesn’t judge you but simply listens, listens to understand your pain and woes. Sometimes you don’t even need another person to heal you but just be there for you, for you to unburden yourself, empty those piled up emotions, and finally feel free; feel free to take on the world again the next day. Sometimes, all of this can be done by just being present, without saying a word, without even sitting next to the person; sometimes only your energy is enough. And that is what ‘Is Love Enough? Sir’ all about – that silent support, that healing energy, more than the love. 

This is all the magic of “DIRECTION.” My regular readers know to whom and when I have said this in my blogposts. Only to the ones with whose work I have fallen head over heels in love with. I would like to say this to Rohena Gera,


For not just making an exceptional film, but for making a simple story look so great with your precision and perfection. I can name a few people who would have effortlessly ruined this film because they would have neve understood how to handle a mature love story. To save themselves, they would have turned it into soft porn and actually make two strong characters like Ratna and Ashwin look sex-deprived beings. 

I think I should end this review here because I am sure whenever I will speak about this film, I will not be able to stop, yet I won’t find the right words to tell people how terrific this love story is. 

In short, ‘Is Love Enough? Sir’ is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. 

Oh wait, I cannot end this review before mentioning Geetanjali Kulkarni’s delightful presence. What an effortless performance! The silent support that she has lent to this film is outstanding. She is one of strongest pillars of Sir. Mind-blown!

P.S: I am going to watch the film again (maybe, again in a few days, and then again, and then again). 

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