Kaagaz Review: This Typical Zee5 Film is a Wasted Effort

I have a complaint. No matter how diverse Zee5’s content is, each and every film is of the same standard. Neither their quality changes nor does their speed. Though I knew Kaagaz wouldn’t be any different, I decided to give it a shot. 

Why? For two reasons:

  1. Pankaj Tripathi
  2. Satish Kaushik

I have always loved Satish Kaushik – from his roles in Govinda’s films to Manu Mundra in Scam 1992. It is always a treat to watch him on screen. 

But given the fact that this was a Zee5 film, it had to be slow, a little off-track here and there, and uninteresting (even though their plots are usually interesting). When I use the aforementioned adjectives, I use them for the treatment given to almost all the content on the platform. I hated how they didn’t give Badnaam Gali the treatment it deserved. Zee5 is like that excellent guy in the class who never tops because he doesn’t want to put in that extra effort. He is content with just being a part of the race. Zee5’s attitude is like, ‘nominate hona hi bahut badi baat hai.’ 

Coming back to Kaagaz: It’s a wasted effort. If you have absolutely nothing else to watch, you might want to sit back and watch Kaagaz for Pankaj Tripathi but that’s it. It’s a film that will help you pass some extra time on hand that you do not know how to utilise. So don’t expect much from it. 

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