Call Him Eddy Review

What a beautiful concept! 

Kudos to the makers and whoever thought about this concept. It’s not just fresh but also a topic we need to pay attention to. 

So, what’s Call Him Eddy all about? This 20-minute long short film that speaks about the benefits of cuddling. In short, it sheds light on human beings’ emotional needs and how just one hug or touch can break you open, make you feel better (emotionally), and eventually, heal you. 

There are so many people in this world who crave just one loving hug, a silent hug where they are just being held tight, without being judged or questioned, without anyone giving them gyaan on how things are supposed to be or how the tough times in life are to be handled. Sometimes, we carry the knowledge within but to embrace it, we need to go deep within ourselves. That is what one caring hug or a touch lets you do. When someone, even though he’s a stranger, accepts you unconditionally for a while and simply exchanges the energy of pure love, a lot changes. 

Though the story focuses on Eddy’s one client’s story, I loved how the film begins with clients from all age groups struggling with different issues come to a professional cuddler to feel better through touch therapy. There is an old lady who has lost her partner and then there is also a 35-year-old virgin who just wants to get some affection. The best part about this film is it has very well explained how this cuddling is just therapy and there is nothing sexual about it. The next best thing about Call Him Eddy is Sanjay Suri. It would have been difficult to believe that cuddling can also be used as a therapy without it being sexual. His calm and composed demeanour and also, his belief in what he is saying and doing convinces you to believe in his belief. 

Since Call Him Eddy is a short film, I won’t stretch this review any further. All I would say is, GO WATCH CALL HIM EDDY NOW. Thank me later! 

One last thing for the makers and Sanjay Suri (for being amazingly convincing),


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