The Digital Popcorn will be back in September

The Digital Popcorn will be back in September. 

I know I will be missing out on a lot but I know you guys will give me this time and wait till I return. 

Though there is a lot happening in the digital world, unfortunately, the quality is going down. On The Digital Popcorn, I always wanted to focus on quality and not quantity. 

I am taking this time so that I come back with better content. I am taking this time to dig deeper so that I can bring to you the people and stories that matter. There are people who are doing a commendable job on YouTube. There are film-makers who are making films to bring a change in the society. Such beautiful work shouldn’t go unnoticed just because some known names are entering the digital space. What I have noticed till now is that no celebrity or a known director has been able to deliver content that matters on digital. Only movies that would flop in theatres are being dumped on OTT platforms. 

I am stepping back so that I can readjust my focus. I will soon be back with content recommendations that entertain you, educate you, and at times, uplift you.

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