Broken But Beautiful Season 2 Review

Disappointed! Where broken season 1 was real, season 2 was filmy. I felt that Season 2 failed to capture the essence of season 1, Broken. The storyline was good, the performances were fabulous but the flow of the story, its narration, and the direction were weak. The story is such that all of us can relate to it. Thanks to our broken hearts. Is that why people loved Season 1? No. Along with fabulous writing, the storytelling too was gripping. 

In Season 2, I felt like some scenes or even some characters were unnecessary. Sameera’s counselor for example. He was simply there, either to be insulted or ignored by his client, most of the time. At times, it looked like he is practicing without any degree. 

Speaking of other new entrants, Gaurav Arora as Ahan and Anuja Joshi as Debbie. Gaurav Arora: Neither was his character convincing nor was he acting. He looked like ‘ajeeb gale padu ladka.’ To be honest, it never looked like the guy is ‘in love’ with Sameera. Most of the time, he was just being a creep. Anuja Joshi as Debbie, on the contrary, was convincing as well as a ‘real’ character. 

Moving on to Veer and Sameer, our very own Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi. They know their characters so well that even if you wake them up at 3 AM and ask them to play Veer and Sameera, they would still be equally convincing. They did not care about what’s happening in the story, they knew how would Veer or Sameera react in a given situation and hence gave their best. I guess this is what was missing in the story – connect with these two characters. We wanted to see more of Veer and Sameera, together even if not together. That is what Season 1 was all about. Two individuals fighting their own battles, individually, but still helping each other heal. This exact ‘coming together’ of Veer and Sameera was missing here, even though they confessed their love in the end. Season 1 was interesting even when both of them decided to go their own ways. 

Broken But Beautiful was never about ‘filmy’ ending. It was about brokenness, pain, frustration, trauma, depression, and much more. Season 2 should have been about healing which the makers claimed it to be, the story also told us the same thing. We could ‘SEE’ that it was about healing, but we could not ‘FEEL’ it. 

Talking about the ending, someone please tell me that they did not do this to my favourite web series, Broken But beautiful… It was bullshit. The makers could have thought of a better twist but they wanted to go filmy. They thought that Sameera’s wedding would break the audience’s heart but in fact, after seeing the twist, you feel like breaking their heads. A sorted, mature ending to the show, or a better twist to bring the two together, would have still done wonders for the show. But no! They wanted to ruin it for us, and they did. 

P.S: The show isn’t not worth watching but if you have seen and loved Broken But beautiful season , then you would know why I am highly disappointed with Broken But Beautiful Season 2.

Where to Watch? ALTBalaji or Zee5

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