Featured: Salma Jaffri

Videos are the next in-thing in digital marketing. If you want to grow, you must master the video strategy. Here is where Salma Jafri comes to the rescue. On her channel, Salma Jafri, she teaches you everything you need to know about video marketing.

When I decided to start my YouTube channel for content creators, I uploaded one video and couldn’t muster the courage to shoot and upload any further. Not knowing what to do with the camera and lack of confidence were few reasons that I froze every time I turned on the camera. I had my scripts ready, I had my topics in place, but still, I simply could not go ahead with it. So, I started looking for videos that would give me tips about how to talk naturally in front of the camera or how to light your room for shooting, etc. Fortunately, I came across Salma Jafri’s videos, ‘How to Naturally Read a Video Script on Camera’ and ‘5 YouTube Mistakes I Made that Cost Me’ which boosted my confidence and told me that I am not the only one who goes through almost a breakdown before starting a YouTube channel.

If you are a YouTuber or are planning to become one soon, this channel is highly recommended. Also, if your channel is not doing well or if you are wondering what your videos should talk about, don’t miss out the following videos:

  • Most Profitable YouTube Niches: Make Money with your YouTube Channel
  • How to Find your Niche on YouTube: 5 Questions you MUST Ask Before Starting a Channel
  • Why You Need to Choose a Niche on YouTube (Hint: Faster Growth 📈)

Now let’s talk about the digital marketing crowd who is leveraging videos for brand building and marketing. This channel is not only for YouTubers, if you are in any way involved in video marketing, go subscribe to Salma Jafri. The quick tips that she gives you apart from covering the bigger picture will certainly change the way you create videos.

In short, whether you are a professional or an amateur, make sure you Subscribe to Salma Jafri to create videos that convert.

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