Hum Tum and Them Review

What shit did I just watch? My eyes and ears are bleeding. My head is spinning. 

Hum Tum and Them isn’t a mature love story, it’s all chichorapanti. This series will give you a severe headache; the kind of headache that even Crocin cannot treat. Trust me, I wouldn’t have watched it  even for 15 minutes if it wouldn’t have been for my The Digital Popcorn readers. How did I manage to complete this series? I watched one episode then took a nap. Then repeated the same. 

Hum Tum and Them lacks a proper storyline. You keep feeling like you have fast-forwarded the series and hence have missed out on the important parts like the lead characters developing feelings for each other, but that’s not the case. There is no build-up, just scenes stitched together. The part that you think you missed is actually missing in the series. And even though the series is on ‘fast forward’ mode, you still want to forward it. It’s that pathetic. 

With rapes happening around every day, I do not understand how flirting when the woman isn’t interested looks cool to the film and web series makers. How a man saying to a girl that she must be wearing a white chaddi looks funny to them? I would have loved it if the woman would have slapped him instead of laughing when he says let me see if you are wearing a white chaddi. I mean, grow up guys. This bullshit is not entertainment. If you don’t have good content, stop creating senseless dramas. 

Unnecessary sex/kissing scenes is Balaji’s USP. I wonder why do they keep forcibly adding sex scenes to almost every series when they have ‘Gandi Baat’ exclusively focusing on sex. Somebody, please tell them that this is not how you get viewership. If that would have been the case, people wouldn’t have claimed that ‘Content is King.’ 

With Hum, Tum and Them, it looks like all the team had in mind was an idea or the basic concept which was then broken down into different episodes. There was no script or direction to the story. Every morning the cast and crew met, shot whatever they felt like and went back home, feeling fulfilled that with a web series, all of them are now a part of the “DIGITAL” world. 

Now, coming to how senseless this series is. To explain this, I will just mention one scene here. When Shiva (Shweta Tiwari) is about to send her video to her daughter, she is shown getting ready, putting on makeup, wearing a pretty saree, all dolled-up. In the next scene, she goes and sits down, at a distance from where she can easily see her daughter and then sends her the video. That is when ‘Bolna Maahi Bolna’ music plays in the background. I mean, are you out of your mind? A romantic song is playing in the background for a mother-daughter scene. Who does that? Similar nonsense continues… 

In short, they couldn’t create anything meaningful in the 10 episodes so I am sure the rest of the series is also not going to offer us a story worth watching. 

Where to Watch? ALT Balaji or Zee5


  1. completely disappointing web series. From the review, I can make out how worst the web series is. Seriously the web series on Alt Balaji are not worth watching.

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