Featured: Li Ziqi

Have you ever read those fairy tales at bedtime where life is not just beautiful but also perfect and ideal? Have you ever come across the surreal paintings where a young girl is surrounded by nature and followed by her pets wherever she goes? Chinese YouTuber, a popular food blogger, Li Ziqi has brought that unrealistic, dream world to life.

Li Ziqi is a 29-year-old YouTuber who lives with her grandmother in China. Her videos feature traditional Chinese recipes and other art that she either learns or already knows. What’s so special about her videos? They lets you live a life you have been dreaming of since childhood. With her, you traverse to a different world altogether. Her life is heaven on earth. If you have no time to visit a Spa or go on a vacation but you are in dire need of relaxing and de- stressing, then go watch the channel now. 

Li Ziqi is ‘Meditation in Motion.’

It’s not only about the way her videos make you feel but also the ‘shock’ and ‘surprise’ factors that this delicate woman adds to her content. Ever seen a woman make her own furniture or paper at home? This female is a wonder woman. Not just paper and furniture, she also makes cloth at home. When you check out her channel, do not forget to notice the bamboo tap at the entrance, her kitchen tools, and oven in the garden, all of these are made by her at home, from scratch, from the materials picked either from her farm, garden, or the god-gifted jungle.

You will envy her life, only until you hear her story. As mentioned on the blog, raknife, her parents got divorced when she was a kid. They also died early. The girl has been struggling since then for survival, trying her hand at different professions for money. 

Due to some unfortunate and unforeseen events, she then moved to her hometown to be with her grandmother. Later, the Li Ziqi channel was born. 

Though famous as a food blogger, it isn’t a recipe channel but yes, whatever she makes, without tasting the food, it takes you to heaven especially the ‘flower’ dishes. What are these flower recipes? Go check out her blog yourself.  

Warning: Watch at your own risk. You may want to quit your city life and settle down countryside immediately.

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