Delivery Girl

Delivery Girl is about real women power. At a time where people are choosing “convenient feminism,” this video tells you what feminism is or how it actually should be in reality. When women do not give their seats to tired, exhausted, almost dead men in bus just because it is reserved for a woman, I always question ‘feminism.’ 

This is the first video of Culture Machine that I have watched and I absolutely loved the content. They have subtly passed on the message of what gender equality should look like. It is not always a man’s job to earn and take up odd jobs to feed the family. And it is not always the woman’s job to look after the household chores. 

If you watch the Marathi short film, Baluta, you will realise that a woman can literally take up any job that society thinks belongs only to men. We have come across women bus and auto drivers, conductors, pilots, barbers, and many more such professions that we earlier thought women are unfit for. 

Delivery Girl is one such story which reminds women that they are able and capable – able of undertaking any task that she is willing to and capable of supporting the ‘man of the family’ by playing the role of the ‘woman of the family.’ At the same time, it also tells the man how he should not be ashamed of taking charge of the kitchen while supporting the woman of his life when she gets busy supporting his dreams and family. 

Delivery Girl, in true sense, speaks about Gender Equality. 

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