Barot House Review

Barot House Review

Barot House is disturbing but not in a way the makers wanted it to be. It’s disturbing the way you don’t want it to be. While watching, you may get disturbed to a level that you may curse and abuse yourself, or even turn violent and harm yourself wondering why did you watch this show in the first place. It’s that kind of disturbing. 

It seemed like the writer was given a task to come up with a story which is stuffed with disturbing events. So he sat back, thought, thought, and thought. When he couldn’t find anything, he thought of kids. When you mix crime and kids, it automatically disturbs the audience. No extra efforts needed. Unfortunately, even this combination doesn’t work for Barot House.

Overacting, a weak script, and poor direction brutally murdered a powerful storyline. More than the child, the father looked mentally sick from the very beginning. 

Instead of Manjari Fadnnis, if the makers would have cast an actress who could have convincingly played the role of a mother who is about to lose her mental balance as her kids are being murdered back to back, at least that one part could have been emotionally exhausting. The kind of story this is, it should have taken the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I think it did, but the emotions that kept popping their heads were not fear, pain, or sorrow; they are frustration and disgust. 

The two murder scenes, which turns out to be some character’s imagination makes you feel like the team, in between the film, realised that it is not turning out the way it is meant to be and hence they stuffed those scenes – as a final try to make it a psychological thriller.

And yes, how can I forget to mention this? THE END IS BULLSHIT. It disturbs you further and if you resisted harming yourself all the while, you may not be able to resist anymore after watching its ending.  

I did bang my head on the wall, so you please be careful. 

Verdict? Barot House is a waste of time. 

Where to Watch? Zee5


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