Lust Stories 2 Review: BLAND

Lust Stories was a good attempt to tell twisted stories just the way good short stories usually are. Unfortunately, most of the filmmakers don’t pay much attention to story-telling or fine tuning of the story when sex is the dominating factor. Watched 365 Days? Though it’s erotica, it’s still a two-hour long movie that you cannot keep watching without a story. It’s the most purposeless movie ever made. No, I am not putting Lust Stories 2 in the category of 365 days. It’s just the way sex films are made. The story is never the hero here. 

The stories I thought had good potential only if they would have been polished a bit more. 

Let us quickly go through each of the films presented by different directors in Lust Stories 2:

Lust Stories 2 Story 1: Directed by R Balki

This is Neena Gupta’s story. It unfolds just the way you saw it in the trailer. As her granddaughter’s marriage is fixed and everyone talks about the couple’s compatibility, dadi brings up a controversial topic. She asks whether the couple has had sex (to check sexual compatibility) making everyone in the room uncomfortable. As the story progresses, we see dadi trying to convince everyone through her dialogue with her granddaughter why sex before marriage is important. I liked the concept and understood what the writer is trying to tell here. But the argument wasn’t solid. It wasn’t convincing. At one point, dadi starts giving away sex addict vibes. 

That’s the only plot of this story. And it also ends well as the young couple starts having sex, a lot of it, and can’t get enough of each other (sexually). This satisfies dadi and she then happily says yes to their marriage. 

Lust Stories 2 Story 2: Konkana Sen Sharma

I am a little confused with this story. I know, I understand, and I accept that women too can have sexual fantasies and sometimes, they can be wild. But still… or maybe this is one story that you should simply watch and not try to make sense out of it. 

Konkana Sen Sharma’s story stars Netflix’s favourite Amruta Subash and Tillotama Shome. This story is about two women, a corporate professional (Tillotama Shome) and her house help (Amruta Subash). Things get a little ugly when Tilottama finds her house help having sex in her bedroom. As this career-oriented is all alone, she starts finding this visual tempting and hard to resist. Every day, while her house help and her husband are having sex in the afternoon, this female sneaks out of her office, drives back home and watches them get intimate. She slowly starts masturbating while watching the couple have sex. 

There comes a day when the house help finds out that her boss is coming home in time to watch the couple get cosy. She enjoys it too and keeps mum. There is a little twist going forward but this is what the story is all about. A couple having sex in someone else’s bedroom and a woman masturbating while watching them. 

Weird, not weird? Wild, not wild? I don’t know.. 

Lust Stories 2 Story 3: Sujoy Ghosh

This is much hyped Tamanna Bhatia and Vijay Verma’s love story. Absolutely nothing to watch in this one. Again, the story could have been good but looks like the sex scenes that were literally forced into the story distracted the writer and director. LUST stories, remember? So, Vijay Verma meets with an accident while traveling. From the very first scene, the writer has made it crystal clear that this fellow is a creep. Moving on.. He meets his ex-wife (who was missing, btw), Tamannah in this new town. As the story unfolds, we see the couple reignite the passion. But all is not as it seems. 

The only clue I would give here is that there is a ghosht(y) twist to this story. 

Lust Stories 2 Story 4: Amit Ravindernath Sharma

The only story I liked. This is how short stories are. Unexpected twists at the end. Just because it’s Lust Stories, sex wasn’t forced or put in a place where it was not needed. It was a well-crafted story. 

In this story, we see Kajol trying to get rid of her abusive husband (Kumud Mishra). For which, she brings home a HIV infected prostitute from a brothel she once worked at. She is sure that her sex addicted husband will not let this young woman simply pass by. He will lay her hands on her. The story progresses as her plan. But what happens at the end is unexpected and unwanted. 

Speaking about the series on the whole, when we consider writing, direction, and performances, Lust Stories 2 isn’t a great film to watch. With OTT guidelines, no explicit sex scenes are served to the audience. In that case, the story should have been the focus but that too isn’t the case here. No sex, no good story telling… Now you decide whether you want to watch Lust Stories 2 this weekend. 

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  1. Well justified review. Netflix is serving anything in name of entertainment. This second season doesn’t have to offer anything new. Thankfully I haven’t subscribed to Netflix. Thumbs down to this series.

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