Kafas Review: A Good Start But The End Ruined It All; Only If The Writer Would Have Been A Little More Courageous…

Kafas felt like a gripping, nail-biting web series in the first few episodes. And it was going really well until it started feeling stretched for no reason. But then, the end of the series was going to be the game-changer. So, I decided to be patient. Sabr ka fal is not always meetha, my dear friends. 

Kafas, is undoubtedly, a sensitive and intense subject to deal with. It’s about child abuse and the fight of parents against an influential man. In storylines like these, the protagonists usually choose dangerous and illegal ways to punish the criminal. In Sharman Joshi and Mona Singh starrer Kafas, the parents choose money over justice. Once they realise that they are not powerful enough to deal with Vikram Bajaj, the man who has sexually abused their minor son, Sunny (Mikhail Gandhi), they accept the amount of ten crores to keep mum. 

After they decide to not fight for justice, the entire family is seen suffering – due to guilt and inability to speak. Till here, the show really was excellent. You did not know what next. Though there were places where you question the writing and a few twists, you hope for answers to come to the forefront by the end of the show. 

The downward graph goes further down only to jump off the cliff with the ending of the show. It’s filmy! With subjects like child sexual abuse topped with power abuse, you cannot afford to give your story a filmy twist. 

What’s the Story of Sony LIV’s Kafas? 

Raghav Vashisht (Sharman Joshi) and Seema Vashisht (Mona Singh), a middle couple who are financially struggling but also have a Bollywood connection with Seema Vashisht being a background dancer in the past. While their elder daughter is preparing to become an actress and is busy juggling between college and auditions, their minor son, Sunny, gets a chance to play Vikram Bajaj, a superstar’s son in the actor’s own movie. 

While on the set, Vikram Bajaj sexually abuses Sunny in his vanity van. Since it’s an overseas shoot, Sunny completes the shoot without confiding in anyone. Once he gets back home, he informs his parents and hands them a video proof where half of it is only audio. Raghav and Seema then try to take legal action against Vikram Bajaj but even before they could do it, Bajaj’s team sits them down, tells them the consequences of their actions, and offers a cheque of ten crores. In the next scene, we see the family being moved to a bigger house, the kids going to schools where only rich kids can study, and Seema Vashisht owning a salon. 

Now, all we get to see is frustrated parents and super-frustrated kids. The family is broken. That is all. After a while, the story moves ahead and we see Sunny along with his sister, Shreya trying to teach Vikram a lesson by getting in touch with a journalist. While all this is happening, Sunny tries to commit suicide. What happens next should have had a lasting impact on the viewers.. Just like Sai Pallavi’s Gargi. 

It felt like right when it was time to end the story, the writer suddenly gave up. As if, he didn’t have the courage to say things as they are. This is both disheartening and disappointing. Stories like Kafas should be revolutionary. If the makers want to play safe then they shouldn’t touch sensitive subjects like child abuse or rape. 

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