Chikatgunde Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Suhas Sirsat And Sneha Majgaonkar Make A Cute Couple On-Screen As Well

Chikatgunde episode 2, Mi Menaka tells us the tale of Suhas and his wife, Gayatri who, in the last season, were shown indulging in phone sex as they were being locked down far from each other. In season 2, we see that their private video was leaked due to which the couple is going through a difficult time, individually as well as a couple. 

As Gayatri keeps getting notorious phone calls from strangers asking for her charges, she finds it difficult to forget whatever happened and get back to normal. Gayatri is shown maintaining distance from her husband. After eight months of strained relationship and giving each other time to process what unfolded after the video leaked, Suhas takes Gayatri to an office meeting (kind of an office trip where spouses are allowed) where they stay in an isolated room, located far away from other rooms, so they can have sex without anyone getting to know about it. Now, this tells a lot about the trauma Suhas and Gayatri are going through. They constantly think about the attack on their personal space while having intimate moments. They are afraid that people see them as a couple from the video. Gayatri, to an extent, is afraid of even being seen by people. 

Though the story might sound a little stressful, it’s handled well by the team – from writer and director to the actors. You do not feel stressed or uncomfortable while watching the couple trying to get close once again. The actors and real-life couple, Suhas Sirsat and Sneha Majgaonkar, deliver balanced performances. You hence understand their frustration, insecurities, pain, trauma, and also, love for each other very well. It doesn’t look or sound vulgar even for a single moment. 

Streaming On: Planet Marathi

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