Citadel Episode 1 & 2 Review: Too Early To Judge

Since Citadel’s only two episodes, episode 1: The Human Enigma and 2: Spies Appear In Night are out yet, I think it’s too early to tell whether it’s a good or a bad series. Like most of the intelligence or spy shows, Citadel is also fast-paced and at times, can confuse you because the story swings back and forth. 

The opening scene where we are introduced to Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden’s characters, Nadia Sinh and Masson Kane, is way too typical and filmy. You know what makes Srikant Tiwari(Manoj Bajpayee’s character in The Family Man) so popular? He is real. Even though the common man doesn’t know his profession and the risks involved well, people can relate to him. They know that there might be people from the intelligence around us that we don’t know about. Yet, they are silently fighting for the country, even if they fight to make ends meet sometimes. In shows like Citadel, everything is glamorous. The protagonists are super smart. If you don’t understand how they survived life-threatening attacks like a point-blank shot or a bomb blast or if you have logical questions, they have only one answer, ‘they are from the intelligence and you are not that intelligent.’ 

Though the starting episodes offer nothing new, I still believe that we should wait for the release of other episodes. When the story begins, the story of Nadia and Masson, the series takes an interesting turn. Having said that, Citadel being an action-packed series, after the unpeeling of every single layer of the story, we are bombarded with loud action sequences. I am not a big action fan so right when I get engrossed in the story and some random character breaks the flow by attacking the characters with guns or weapons, it irritates me.

But the story of Citadel has just begun. With new episodes releasing every Friday, we have something to look forward to on the weekends. Right now, all I can say is, watch the first two episodes of Priyanka Chopra starrer Citadel on Prime if you like action series. When it comes to how the story unfolds, I will try to cover it in the second part of this review after watching the third and fourth episodes of this web series. 

As we spoke of Srikant Tiwari above, let me tell you that the Directors of The Family Man, Raj and DK will direct the Indian version of Citadel. Does that mean that Indian Citadel will be different from the American version? I hope so. Not because I think Priyanka Chopra-Richard Madden’s Citadel is not good enough but I always believe that every non-Indian show that is being made in India should be Indianised. With Varun Dhawan and Samantha Prabhu in the Indian Citadel, I am a little worried about the future of this show but I have high hopes from Raj and DK. With The Family and Farzi, we can at least hope that Indian Citadel will be worth a watch. 

Fingers crossed! Till then, keep watching this space for more about the story and episodes of this Prime Video series, Citadel. 

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