The Digital Popcorn Will Be Back In August


Here’s a quick update..

But before that, thank you to each and everyone who has been with The Digital Popcorn from the very first day. And also to the ones who are becoming a part of this journey as we move forward. 

As I take a break, I want you to hold on as I am taking a break only to bring fresh content your way. It’s time to grow. And to grow, it’s important to readjust the focus before we aim for the sky. 

Few days back, I ran a poll on Instagram where I asked for suggestions – whether we should stick to Indian content or go global as Indian content has started to lose its charm. Thanks to the commercialisation of OTT content. I started The Digital Popcorn to put good, not trending work under the spotlight. Though I wanted to hunt only Indian content, it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. No originality, no creativity, and no storyline! 

After the break, I will still write about Indian web series and films, but moving forward, I will also write about international films and shows that you want to read about. 

Global content won the poll so, global it will be! 

If you have any suggestions, please shoot an email to 

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