Tasalli Se Short Film Review: Relatable And Thought-Provoking

I think I know where this is coming from. We all know how we are all divided over political views these days. We choose people who are on the same political side that we are, regardless of the kind of person they are. No, I am not preaching here. We are all in the same boat. 

Many of us have lost friends due to heated discussions and debate as some of us wondered how the person did not understand the basic principles of humanity. While the others wanted everyone to believe this is how the world is and there is nothing wrong in it.

Tasalli Se tells us a story of two separated best friends. Friends who didn’t see eye to eye over ideologies that were close to their heart. And then they parted ways to avoid further chaos. They thought it would prevent further damage. But the damage silence did was far more than words would have ever done. 

The good part is that these friends, unlike many of us, decide to face each other after 12 years. While Ranjan is still sulking, Somesh takes the lead in healing the relationship. Your heart sinks when the duo fights again on the same topic after 12 years and Somesh, who was taking the initiative, decides to walk out. 

You give up all hope as Ranjan, as you know by now, is more adamant when it comes to his ideologies and opinions. You know he will not try to convince Somesh and let the chance of reviving the friendship slip by.

What happens next is interesting to watch. Do they manage to have a heart-to-heart? Or will they part ways forever this time? 

I won’t say it’s an excellent short film and there is nothing like it in today’s time but yes, it’s relatable. With whatever’s happening around us, all of us will certainly see at least one relationship in it. Only if you are too lucky, you will not. 

Tasalli Se is fortunately not preachy. It’s thought-provoking. Again, all thanks to all of us losing friends over one heated discussion, mostly, about politics. 

Tomorrow, if ever, things go back to normal and like earlier days, people will not be judged due to the political sides they pick, not many will understand the scenario in this short film. Having said that, unhealthy debates will continue to create a rift in healthy relationships and hence, going forward, it might help people who have walked away from their loved ones change their perspective and give one last try to their relationship. 

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