Special Ops 1.5 Review: A Must Watch

Backstories are usually boring as writers, often, lose the track, and then it all gets confusing. But Special Ops 1.5 is different. It only gets interesting… and GRIPPING! 

The best part about this season is its humour. It’s not at all intense yet keeps you hooked. So, what’s special about Special Ops 1.5? 


From storytelling to performances and everything in between. There is not a single dull moment in this series. What I liked the most about it is that it is short. They haven’t unnecessarily stretched the story. I guess that’s the beauty of OTT. The freedom you get to tell the story the way you want to tell it – take 10 minutes or 10 hours. Unfortunately, some people still write TV serials for digital. Anyway, let’s come back to Special Ops. 

To be honest, I won’t talk about the plot or what unfolds in Himmat Singh’s journey. I will talk about the cast. Undoubtedly, the direction makes this series what it is but we cannot ignore the casting. Let’s keep Kay Kay Menon aside for some time. His mastery over the craft needs no words. I am talking about every other actor who looks like he/she is made for the role. 

I will start with Aadil Khan, the guy who played Maninder. Firstly, what a voice! His voice alone is enough to spell a cast on you. While watching him on-screen, his voice made me wonder whether he is a radio jockey and I just found out that he is. Even if he wouldn’t have been one, the radio industry would have welcomed him with open arms after the release of Special Ops 1.5. I have become such a huge fan of his voice that I forgot to talk about his performance. Speaking of his acting, Aadil Khan fits the role so well that you cannot imagine anyone else as Maninder now. Aadil is Maninder and Maninder is Aadil – forever! 

The next in the queue is Aftab Shivdasani. Whoever thought of casting him and whoever finalised him, THANK YOU for bringing him back. How I missed watching him on-screen. What’s praiseworthy is that he has been given a chance to prove his mettle. He is not the chocolate boy anymore. He is so much more than that. If given the right opportunity, I am sure he will prove that he is an actor par excellence. 

Not just the ones I mentioned above, each and every actor has given his/her 100% to the character they have played. They might have just a few seconds of screen space but still they managed to leave a mark. If you see them again in the next season, you will be able to recall them. Full marks for this high recall value of characters goes to none other than the two captains of the ship, Neeraj Pandey and Shivam Nair. 

And last but not the least, how can I not mention my favourite Kay Kay Menon? There is one scene that I would like to mention here. Why? Because these are the skills that newcomers should learn from actors like Kay Kay Menon. What skill? Body language. 

A scene where Himmat Singh visits Chautala to request him to not fire Abbas Sheikh. The way he begins the conversation by requesting Chautala and the way his body language changes the moment he starts to threaten his senior is mind-blowing. Kay Kay Menon would have done that fabulously even without any dialogues. It would still have been equally effective. And that’s Kay Kay Menon for you – effortless and excellent! 

If I have to sum it up in one line, I would say that Special Ops 1.5 is as excellent as season 1. 

Can’t wait for Special Ops season 3. Hope it comes soon! 

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