Chhorii Review: If You Have Watched The Original Marathi Film, Lapachhapi, Skip Chhorii

Though I like the original film, Lapachhapi due to the twist at the end and the way it has been filmed, I always thought that the film is too slow; to be patiently sitting in front of the screen for 2 hours and wait for the real story to reveal itself was honestly a tedious task. But still, when I compare Chhorii to Lapachhapi, I would always pick the original film over this remake. 

Chhorii is slower than Lapachhapi. And also uninteresting especially if you already know the story. Remakes can survive only if they make storytelling interesting. When it comes to Chhorii, the makers have miserably failed in keeping you hooked or even keeping you interested for some time. 

I couldn’t watch beyond the first 30 minutes, it’s that boring. It felt like the story wasn’t moving forward. Also, the build up of silence and horror looked a little forced. When the scenes do not demand silence, instead of haunting, it annoys you. Then it becomes unbearable. 

From whatever I saw in the first 30 minutes, I absolutely disliked Mita Vashisht. Her portrayal of Bhanno Devi was unconvincing. When it comes to dialogues, it feels like she couldn’t pick the accent correctly and is struggling to deliver the dialogues smoothly. On the contrary, when it comes to Lapachhapi, Usha Naik’s Tulsabai was convincing. 

The same could be said about Nushrat Bharucha’s performance. It was dull. Maybe it is also the director’s fault that the actors couldn’t give their best to the film. Everything, from frames to performances and storytelling, seemed so dull that at least I couldn’t gather courage to watch it till the end. 

But yes, even though the original film had a similar impact on me, I would say watch Lapachhapi instead of Chhorii, as the end will make it all worthwhile for you. Unfortunately, the remake won’t. 

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