Where to Watch Anthony Bourdain’s Popular Shows, ‘Parts Unknown’ and ‘No Reservations’ Online?

Anthony Bourdain and Steve Irwin are the only celebrities whose death left me teary-eyed. When I was in college, my mom used to love watching Discovery and Animal Planet but I wasn’t a big fan of Television. These two personalities were the only ones who made me patiently sit in front of the idiot box and watch them live their dream. So passionate, so in love with what they were doing that even the ones who watched their shows fell in love with them. 

What an era that was! Classy and real content. Today, even Discovery channel’s reality shows look highly scripted. Anyway, let’s get back to our topic: 

Where to Watch Anthony Bourdain’s most popular shows, Parts Unknown and No Reservations Online?

Speaking of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown show, it’s available on Voot. The good news is that not 1 or 2, but all the 12 seasons are available on the streaming platform. Here’s the bad news, only the first episode of the show is available for FREE. To watch all the episodes of all the 12 seasons, you need to subscribe to Voot. 

The second show, Anthony Bourdain: No reservations is available on Voot as well as Discovery Channel. But it looks like both the streaming platforms have divided the number of episodes between themselves. No reservations seasons 3 to season 6 are available on Discovery+ and Seasons 7 and 8 are available on Voot. I do not know why seasons 1 and 2 are not available even on Discovery+, but if you come across them online on any other streaming platform, do let me know in the comments section below. 

If you want information about your favorite shows and their availability online, do write to me at thedigipop@gmail.com. I will gather all the information about the show and publish it here. 

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